RMA Canada

MBE POS Solution


MBE POS solutions are Debit/Credit card machines for POS or Point of Sale systems. These machines are used for the secure payment systems by the retailers and creates a secure payment system in the modern business and transaction environment. A complete transaction system that allows billings of payments securely, and timeliness creating a bonding between the customers and the retailers.

We use conventional machines for our clients e.g. Wireless machines, Bluetooth machines, and Desktop machines. Wireless machines are mainly for customers/clients whose work environment is mobile i.e. Taxi drivers, coffee shops and they are operational on 3G sim and internet connectivity. The Bluetooth machines are used in store retailers mainly for short range and convenience stores, and creates an easy environment of transaction processing. The widely used and cheapest ones are desktop machines, they are for the retail environment including busy business environments where connectivity must be there 24/7. We have a wide variety of machines, up-to date machines and multiple providers. MSP or merchant service providers are there for the retailer needs. They need a middle man, and we provide technical support and convenience of use for the retail environment.


The member’s exclusive offers that are provided by MBE POS are current billing, processors, free consultation options (Better options on offer), convenience, preferred and exclusive pricing.

The main aim is to provide effective pricing and safe mode of payments for our most exclusive members. The best in-store services available and provision of a POS environment i.e. a highly intelligent environment the retailers and customers. It not only creates and environment of trust and good relationship between the members, but also enables payment safety that is the new age phenomenon. The retailers must have the debit/credit card machines with them for fast and approved transaction system to take place on a daily basis.