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‘EC&G Energy Discounts’ are part of the MBBP Benefits (Savings & discounts scheme) is an energy discount that is affiliated discounts with two associations or orgs. I.e. ORHMA (Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association) and EC&G i.e. Discounts on provision of utilities, the combined discounts are provided along with ORHMA (A hospitality industry stakeholder/watchdog). The discounts are attained after negotiating with service providers for a combined or fixed (in some cases) utility reduction program.  The benefits are wide scope in the energy industry in Canada and we at MBBP provide Professional consultancies for the starters, and Commercial/Fixed discounts. What MBBP wants is that customers & consumers keep themselves abreast & highly updated with the discounts on offer. It should be the duty of members to lookout for variable packages on offer i.e. available discounts for commercial and non-commercial sectors, as well as how they can take mega advantages in the energy savings for their medium and small sized businesses.


ORHMA’ or The Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association also known as ORHMA is an association for Ontario restaurants, and Hotel as well as Motel, all falling in the same category. The Association is highly responsible for the rights, privileges and all the related affairs linked with the Hotel industry with area specific i.e. the province of Ontario. It is also an Association that is responsible for the quality assurance procedures, and all the affairs related to the Hotel industry in Ontario, the concerns mainly are customer care, and the benefits of the hotel industry for various classes of people in variable industries.

It works as a ‘Non Profit’ organization as it is a Government association which was formed in the 1920s and its main aim was to promote and preserve the hospitality industry in Ontario, Canada. It is currently Canada’s largest provincial hospitality association that represents over 11,000 businesses all across the Province Ontario i.e. one of the largest provinces of Canada. ‘ORHMA’, is an association as well as the key stakeholders in the hospitality industry at both levels i.e. Provincial and Municipal levels of the Government. It is the efforts of ORHMA that the hospitality industry has improved over the years towards high sustainability and growth levels. The discounts/benefits that are supplied to the customers are combined with EC&G and ORHMA is another company along with EC&G that provides vital discounts to its members. ‘MBBP’ is proudly associated with the two associations in form of business partners that sustain the benefits for the future of hospitality industry. In other words, Energy is the key for high sustainable development and maintenance of variable energies i.e. Electric, Water & Gas.


MBBP i.e. Mansoor Brothers Business Partners is a professional consultancy for starters i.e. members who have just linked up with MBBP for the sake of rewards and awards in the energy sector. The main focus is to provide its members discounts in the Energy industry i.e. on energy consumption with electric, Gas and water with analysis of utility bills (last three months). The discounts are commercial and fixed discounts and depends on the variable percentages available i.e. Electric discounts are different from Gas and Water. The discounts that are given by EC&G are price dependent i.e. according to Price Value and are given on wholesale billings i.e. for a higher plan.

The pricing plan is according to the house, or property for which the consumption is on offer. As the prices vary accordingly the customers get advantage for electric and gas consumption at higher levels i.e. for property according to area, and hence the consumption varies.


The benefits associated with EC&G are more in the commercial sector than private sector, or for private consumption. It is entirely because if the volume of consumption is higher and the demand is more, EC&G negotiates a discount program that suits the consumer’s demand, or if there is provision of change in service provider, that is also done through negotiation with the Client and the service provider. Obviously, the reduction in bills for the three utilities i.e. Electric, Gas and Water is done according after analysis of the last three months bills and keeping in mind the govt. charges & the taxes on the utilities.  

Very suitable with medium or small scale businesses where the premises i.e. business premises are commercial property and holds all the attributes of commercial properties. For commercial property, the benefits associated with ORHMA and EC&G are commercial i.e. not fixed, but highly dependent on the usage as the usage is higher than private.  In this case scenario the discounts are wholesale i.e. provision of discounts on wholesale buying and is far more economical than any fixed plan. Fixed plans are mainly for the sake of private sectors i.e. Housing schemes and private property. The motive is to provide ease of use, 24/7 access and efficiency in the provision of energy and pricing.


Finally, as we can count on the many benefits that are associated with MBBP, we can definitely count on rewards and benefits from EC&G along with ORHMA the Hotel industry association and a key stakeholder for billions in the Hotel industry. It holds very high and top advantages in the commercial sector, as according to the volume of consumption. The natural phenomenon in the consumer industry is “The Higher the consumption, the higher the discounts”, similarly holds vitality to the consumer dynamics in the energy and utility sector. The discounts are high where the bills matter most, as MBBP is highly linked up with company rewards and discounts.

EC&G is a highly responsible company in the energy sector, as it is the Corporate Social responsibility, as well as profitable options for them to make sure that “No one pays Extra, Unless They have to Pay”, a phrase that is highly active in the billing and payments industry for energy and savings. It is along with ORHMA they share and negotiate discounts, as ORHMA is the association for the hospitality industry. A key partner and one of the oldest ones that is a governmental body that makes sure ‘energy’ is affordable in all sectors and for everyone.

Savings are considered as a sustainability development measure in the Corporate Utility industry, as well as considering, and overlooking the climate in Canada, i.e. Very cold in winter, and centralized heating is always a mandatory option for the clients as well as the consumers in the industry. In most cases it is a Health and Safety issue as without heating and lighting the survival is not a possibility.  It is the same for offices, for Hotels and motels, and for private companies, as well as for the private usage i.e. Home, and Other non-commercial property. Understanding commercial and non-commercial is very important when we have to go ahead and understand the billing industry for the energy sector.