Weston Bakers

Weston Foods is the bakery and food confectionary in Canada that has been serving its clients and customers since the last 138 years. We deal in specialized and unique bakery products and our products are well known and accomplished all over Canada. The business was founded in 1882 by Garfield Weston on values that relates to integrity, courage and growth. The company is linked up with retail partners and various stakeholders in the retail industry.

Our website http://www.westonfoods.com is a customized website designed to serve its customers with highest and most valued user friendly options. Through online ordering orders can be placed easily for private functions, parties, wedding events and all sort of other events and gatherings with food services involved through the Weston Foods passion to serve. As part of the ideology ‘Passion to serve’ Weston Foods is delivering every day to clients and customers all over Canada. Apart from online orders other form of order placement is through phones to call center where you will feel more valued. The company truly believes in the ideology ‘Live for Food, rather than other way round, i.e. ‘Food to live’.

We provide discounted food services to our RMA/MBBP members and our discounts are applicable through the member’s card online as well as in store in retail. Big retail chains for example Walmart is always ready with Weston Foods bakery and food products in-store and online. For members Weston Foods are always there with the discount offers in parties, events and covering all sort of gatherings and functions. Bringing new heights to elegance in eating, bakery is a vast and dynamic field and Weston Foods has always delivered the best to prove that. The passion for RMA/MBBP members is not only to serve our most deserving clients but also giving them value every time they step-in.