TRM Multitech Services

TRM or Multi-Tech services as the name suggests are a supplier of combined services that are Technical and involves the use of technology. RMA/Canada is linked with TRM in the way that they give benefits to their members that are member’s benefits. This is uniquely similar to the benefits that RMA Canada has been giving to other stakeholders on the RMA Canada website. 

The company started in 1981 as the provider of office equipment’s initially. The founders of the company used their initials TRM when they started the business as office stationary providers. The company started its operations initially from North America and today it is operating from 2000 various locations in Canada. They provide MFP photocopiers and printers in retails and is a very popularly known company from Canada. Provides printers and photocopiers to offices in Canada with up to the mark product delivery and service deliverables.

The company deals in Technical services for mass-rollout projects in Ontario and Quebec. It also provides additional and IT-related services that are diverse in nature.


As part of the printing services, TRM is highly active as they hand deliver or ship next day Toner and Ink for all kinds of printers. Their clients are mostly offices in Canada and also deal in online delivery and services for printing matters. Excels in printing with quality assurance deliverables TRM has made a huge mark since it was first formed in 1981.


The discounts works similarly as they work for other benefits that are associated with the benefits linked with RMA/MBBP. The membership card can be used from any retail outlet or online for online ordering to avail member’s discounts. These member’s discounts are especially for RMA/MBBP members so that they can enjoy their benefits every time they make use of their membership card. Hence, it is a huge advantage for those members who are working as self-employed business owners in Canada.