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Budget | Car Rental



Budget has a straight and simple operational strategy to provide services and Vehicles on rent and give the best to their customers in terms of Services. In the services industry it’s important to focus on Client needs and be responsive to what they want and how they need it. In a result oriented economy like Canada and States, the maintenance of the Services Industry is the key objective that will influence all the stakeholders including the Rental Company.’ Budget’ has proved its mettle in the Rental business where there are many problems, including car wear and tear, and the rental companies’ competition in the similar industry. Mostly, there are operational issues and strategy issues, as going up and expanding at a global medium is a very difficult thing to attain, and Budget has been detrimental in achieving their targets.


Budget has maintained its Global outreach while originating from the United States, and hence moving to Canada and in some other countries. The international exposure that has helped them move forward, and made them industry giants is something that is overwhelming and deserves lots of praise. The linking with RMA/MBBP is something that has helped MBBP reach its global goals, as ‘Budget’ being their Benefit stakeholder has helped clients in achieving what they need in terms of benefits.


Attaining client satisfaction is the frontline goal in the Car Rental industry. As in the services industry, client satisfaction factors will help in the smooth running of the business and the Car. It is a saying “When the Car is with the Client, Don’t worry for the Car, worry for the Client”. This is something that determines the factor of client satisfaction and also brings improvement in service deliverables. Services industry becomes a phenomenon when we get the best output or response from the company, and all the stakeholders involved with the company. WHY WE NEED CLIENT SATISFACTION?

A question that we as a business owner must ask our self, I think the answer is very simple we drive the business for Profits, and profits are attained from our ‘Clientele’. The more the clientele the more you will feel satisfied for your business goals. As the name suggests, Budget, wants their customer to stay in Budget, and in line with their travelling’s.


The safety, insurance and security with the Car rentals is the assurance of the Car and its handling to be made 100% in line with the initial agreement. There are many things that can happen with the Car, as when the car is on the highway, it is highly prone to accidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. ‘Assurance’ is to assure something with money, or commodities, etc., insurance similarly is the assurance of a certain risk that can happen and how it shall be encountered.  This is merely a reason ‘Rent a Car’ is not a simple business, it has got its complexities and will remain as one of the most risk taking businesses, especially in States and Canada, the two countries with high fatalities on the roads.


The execution of Discounts is similar as of Avis and the nature of discounts are also similar but variable in terms of pricing. A link is shared on the RMA/MBBP website, and the members need to go to the link, they are than forwarded to ‘Benefits’ website and hence, a promo code is generated and discounts can be availed.  Discounts are price dependent as the pricing is economical as well as convenient for the customers.


The parent company Avis Budget Group is the same parent company as of Avis Car rental. Avis Budget Group has been something of an umbrella when it comes to Budget sales, and pricing strategies. It has also protected similar interests in the Car rental industry and helped the company ‘Budget’ compete with similar scale competitors & stakeholders.


Budget has made a huge impact in the Car rental business, as it is an economical and convenient option for its customers/clients. The pricing strategy is developed for the convenience of customers, people who are looking for economical options to attain their needs. As the parent company for Avis and Budget has been same, the competition measures are fruitful, but the target market differs. Can rental industry challenges are truly immense if we speak with a global perspective, but Budget has done whatever it can to reach the optimum level. When the pricing is economical the market is wide scope, and budget has done enough to compete in the markets.

Avis | Car Rental



Avis is a Car rental service with a global presence, and shares the same parent company as Budget. Originated from the United States, the parent organization is Avis Budget Group, and holds a huge presence globally. In terms of luxury Avis is more luxurious as compared to Budget, and the cars are more luxurious and more advanced as compared to Budget. Although, the parent organization is the same, but Avis is more for people who can afford luxury cars, and mostly the cars are SUVs and Automatic cars.


One of the most prominent services that AVIS gives includes Pick up and drop off, i.e. Airport services, and client safety and security, as well as other satisfaction levels are guaranteed. The services are worldwide, and all the bookings can be placed and managed online, with time changing facility available as well. Avis has a highly manageable Website that is used for self-managing what the client needs, and how they can monitor the activity during all the car rentals. 

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective that Avis has achieved over the years and the focus has been time, customer demands, pricing efficiency and managing customer complaints. It is mandatory in a Car rental service that Customer or Client is always satisfied and never feels discomfort, or insecure.

Avis has always made sure that the quality of cars provided are Top Class and well maintained luxury vehicles, with all the provisions of modern day technology, and comfort. Quality assurance has been the key in Rental services, and Avis has high demands worldwide. The parent organization Avis Budget Group is a distinct Group in providing car rental services, dealing in all types of vehicles, luxurious as well as economical. Avis has got the backing of their parent organization, a company that has not only been a symbol for the upcoming companies in the Rental industry, but also maintained high standards in overcoming the challenges associated with the rental industry. Avis is always there for you if you need a luxurious car for wedding, a party, a birthday event, attending a seminar, or a conference, or if you are abroad, and need a luxurious vehicle that compliments your personality, your richness and your high caliber demands. Avis has always made sure that the customers never feel disappointed and insecure, as well as they know how important it is to have a luxurious car with you when most needed.


There are innumerable challenges that still come all of a sudden in Car rental industry, as the business has grown significantly with high number of clients as well as investors. Although, all the vehicles are standardized and 100% safe, and insurance is also there, still there are safety concerns because of risk of customer’s life, and risk of vehicle. The risks defined and discussed in detail are as follows;


On the RMA website a micro link shall be shared that will direct to the AVIS website. This can only be done through RMA/MBBP website, if the discounts needs to be attained. A Promo code will appear automatically and that will help in the booking on discounted rates.

This is how the execution of discounts shall take place effectively, and hence making it a desirable procedure for the purpose of business value to Avis clients. As we have many partners associated for taking benefits from us, Avis customers are yet another common members of the family. The retail merchants association is an association that is highly capable of making sure customer demands and customer service integration is highly attained for attaining the future targets.


Avis international, the child company of Avis Budget Group, has been phenomenal performance wise, and high efficiency service integration. It is due to being the child company of Avis Budget Group that Avis has achieved so many customers worldwide, as so much success in terms of the rental services. As Avis Budget Group has been dealing in diverse services and requirements it has highly monitored the quality management associated with the company Avis.

Car rental, a very challenging industry due to high number of risks associated, and in this type of a business it is vital to integrate services and be efficient to fulfill client needs and high demands. With RMA/MBBP & Avis, the partnership has been a success, and has moved forward in terms of pricing and discounts for customers. For members of RMA/MBBP Avis has been a compliment as well as a drive to fulfill the high demands of the members worldwide especially in Canada. What’s important is what members feel about Avis, and how far it can go to accomplish risk assessments for its clients. The efforts although in the industry cannot be overshadowed even by the best of competitors.

5% – 25% discount on car rental facility worldwide including Airport pick up and many more other services. Total control on your fingertips via Avis Mobile App. Earn and redeem reward points on Avis Preferred and Preferred Plus on every dollar spent.

Contact: adelina gregiou (Reigonal manager)
Number: 514-633-7483
Email: adelina.gregoriou

E Shipper



E-Shipper Logistics is a Canadian based company that provides logistics services in Canada through multiple channels and means of distributions. It provides courier services, Air Freight, LTL Freight, Smarte Post and e-commerce Shipping solutions. We also deal in dynamic e-commerce solutions, making things fast, secure and easy to handle in the dynamic world of shipping & goods management.


The diverse e-commerce solutions for E-Shipper logistics makes it unique in terms of service mobility, provision, and other distinct procedures. The operations needs to be fast paced, secure and the customer satisfaction should be the guarantee, that’s why e-shipper is highly active in e-commerce and main aim is reducing transaction time, and making things as transparent as possible.

The E-commerce services provided by E-Shipper are as follows;


The shipping services that e-Shipper deals in are courier services, Air Frieght, LTL Freight, Smarte Post, ecommerce shipping solutions.  The services are as follows;


E-Shipper has made logistics a simple, fast and highly traceable phenomenon. It is now very easily managed and can surely take care of logistics operations worldwide. E-Shipper in the modern logistics environment has not only improved logistics but made it attractive for customers so that they don’t have to carry too much with them.

For RMA/MBBP members the benefits are similar, you just have to take the service from e-shipper logistics e.g. courier and with RMA/MBBP loyalty card you will get the discounts that are always available for the members. While availing all the benefits, the members can also use e-shipper for the growth of their businesses worldwide, they can even extend their market research worldwide, reduction in the overhead costs, automating the operations and utilization of various distribution channels. It is worthwhile for members who are business owners, and want an expansion in their specific businesses through the e-Shipper logistics. Definitely a plus in the ecommerce, logistics and freight services.




Canada is considered these days as one of the most developed economies of the world. Immigration to Canada can be a very simple process if you follow all the norms and procedures and follow the law accordingly, as Canada is a strict follower of the law, and holds huge responsibility in strictly abiding by the citizenship laws & procedures in a highly profound manner.

One of the most favorable countries to study for international students after USA, UK & Australia. Canada is highly considered as the land of many opportunities mainly due to its economy, its infrastructure, and its dynamic and most admirable university environment. Stats say that annually many people land in Canada, with a dream in their eyes to explore the beautiful world, to study, for work, and for migration status that they achieve after years of struggle. The policies are straightforward, and hold utmost priority for the legitimate and most deserving people, especially those who are equipped with lingual skills and have achieved good qualifications in their earlier lives. French language holds points in Canada especially in the province of Quebec, which is a highly resourceful province with cold temperatures, and is one of the favorite places for the migrants. 

MBE also deals in Immigration services to Canada, and it has been highly successful to outlay a huge name in the immigration services. We offer free consultation to our members regarding immigration & law, as we have the best lawyers with us who give free advice as well as the lawyers representing you in court if there are issues regarding the immigration or any other migration issue.


We offer immigration services in form of the following;

We also offer many discounts for all our members. Processes in legal representation, documentation discounts on better market rates, as well as document handling discounts.

The cases are managed according to the different cases as every case is different and requires a completely different scenario and workings on the case. For students visa the requirements are different, the score of IELTS should be there as well as fees for the university and all the academic requirements must be well presented to carry forward a strong case.


The education sector has played a very vital role in promoting immigration, as well as bringing people to Canada because of the university standards. It’s the rich university standards e.g. University of Toronto, and Mac Gill University that students can’t miss Canada, for research & innovation, technology, IT, computer science, commercial sector, architecture education and many different bachelors and masters programs. The school level is also highly enriched, as schools are well maintained with the best standards available, the best libraries, and the most acknowledged of research resources that are par United States and United Kingdom. Canada also offers good teaching and development programs for people to work in the education sector and prove their worth through sheer brilliance and commitment. When it comes to commitment the role of the education sector has been improving every day, and daily people come to Canada to explore what Canada holds for them because of its rich diversity.

To improve its immigration, Canada must bring huge improvements to its student visas and make desirable policies to update the enrichment program for people coming to Canada for education and academics.


All consultation matters are handled with huge sensitivity & making things highly transparent for increase in success rates. Following are the services that MBE provides in the form of consultancy matters.


Migration is a very sensitive thing to handle, and MBBP members are highly acknowledged members as they get the best possible and free advice for the consultancy matters. MBE shall be dealing with immigrations in more enhanced and better ways in future making sure that we provide everything including the documentation to deal with all the respective immigration issues of clients and members. According to stats migration is increasing in Canada mainly because it’s a vast land and the population density is low, making immigration a vital aspect for the people coming from all over the world. Mostly people come with a student visa, and then they settle in Canada as they are highly inspired by the living standards and the environment, as well as the economy of Canada. The future in immigration is more worthwhile, as investors, entrepreneurs, students, and skilled workers, all want to invest and reap their benefits in the biggest North American country.

  • Consultants and lawyer in house – free consultation with membership
  • Provide advice and help when applying for visitors, student, work, family, super and business visa
  • Advice and help when applying for Citizenship, Permanent residency card
  • guidance and help when bringing a family member into Canada

Choice Hotels – 15% with reservation off published rates.



Choice Hotels international are a group of hotels in Canada, which originated from the United States all over the world and is a Multinational chain of Hotels. With RMA/MBBP we give discounts in the hospitality and hotel industry that is up to 20% discount on hotel reservations, with more than 325 hotels in Canada and 6,300 hotels internationally. The hotels are either from the Choice Hotels international or affiliated hotels. The RMA/MBBP members are the ones who get benefits from Choice Hotels through advanced bookings and enjoy the member’s advantage on various hotels.


It holds immense benefits to customers as the customers have a freedom on the choice of Hotel, the room they want to select & the Package they are looking for. This control over the Choice of client/customers is the main reason the Hotels are named as Choice Hotels international. The freedom that is enjoyed by the customers to be responsible for their choices makes them free and totally in authority of their choice, as at the end of the day it’s the customers that are the key in the hospitality industry. Your Choice will make you satisfied for your future, but you will also gather big advantages from the industry stakeholders.  

The Client sees & compares the actual rates as well as the discounted member price to find the best package as per his convenience.

All they need to do is access the portal, select their choice of hotels and rooms, as well as the package, and avail the discounts that are available, but can vary according to the hotel and different packages.


An interesting debate that needs to be answered, what matters in the hospitality industry? It is a question that exhibits huge prospects for many stakeholders that are deeply involved with people in the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry what matters is the Client/customer satisfaction, and how far is the customer satisfied with the performance of the Hotel.

We are deeply concerned with the KPIs i.e. Key performance indicators that demonstrates the satisfaction levels of the customers. Pricing is one of the key factors that is linked with customer satisfaction and the pricing strategies vary according to the Hotel. Discounts on reservations, and on bookings is also essential for the customer satisfaction aspects linked with the hospitality industry, as in the hospitality industry there is deep involvement of increase in the pricing, as Hotels are always improving their standards every day, and affordability is highly affected because of such measures.

Choice Hotels is an international group that operates worldwide and has a huge market presence according to the statistics of the Hotel industry. It has one of the most effective pricing strategies with a high discounted price that is very responsible for the pricing mechanism. The Choice hotels international realizes the importance of effective pricing because of the growing needs in the hospitality industry and everyday increase in the clientele. It also gives group discounts and discounts are always available for regular members i.e. those who are regular client of Choice Hotels international.

The discounts are either directly for Choice Hotels or affiliated Hotels that are affiliated with Choice Hotels, however, the discounts are the same and are through RMA/MBBP. They are in form of exclusive offers for the members, in other words, some extra days for the members to reap the benefits of Choice Hotels international.


It works through portal of Choice Hotels, the client options are more than one, and it is according to their convenience and their needs. The website provides all the relevant information for the Choice Hotels discounts, and these offers help them sustain the hospitality advantages, on tours, official assignments, and tourism and hospitality industry and for the sake of promoting the tourism industry.  

You can also call the Toll free number & mention the unique membership number, and quote the client ID this is valid for members only, as it is a member’s only discount. After providing all the relevant information, the customer service shall give the discount to the members, after asking them their choice of hotel, the room they would like, and the package or deal they want to go ahead with. On call the customers shall be more satisfied as they will talk through what they want, and there is nothing that will make them Un-satisfied or Un-happy on their presence in the hotel.


Choice Hotels has one of the best websites that has a huge internet presence, and includes all the information for the choice of Hotel needed, access to rooms and packages, and availability options. Link: https://www.choicehotels.ca/?chooseSrp=true The customer service forwards this link to the client for self-reservation, bookings, and making all the choices for themselves, and also quoting the client ID and availing the on spot discounts. All payments are made through credit or debit cards, and payments are authorized by the website through an authenticated payment option. The website also has linking i.e. you can get to the website indirectly as well, just have to be aware of how to avail the offers on a certain hotel, and the package you like.


There are many discounts that are available online in the hospitality industry looking at the volume of sales every day. The Choice Hotels discounts are a move towards the betterment and accomplishment of people’s associations linked with the hospitality industry/ Hotel industry. What customer need is trust in the service, and old and trusted customers are always looking for big discounts and offers that are at least a step forward for the associated people in the industry.

It is also a promotional strategy or a step that improves the tourism internationally and in Canada. The pricing of packages involves deep considerations for the economy class and the highly privileged class. The privilege class are the most that benefits from discounts in the hospitality industry as they are the most that attain the hospitality industry features and various measures.

 RMA/MBBP’s role in providing benefits to member is also because they are into so many benefits, the customers are common as MBBP/RMA has a wide array of variable benefits in their list. The common benefits platform is also because if members are business owners they can avail multiple benefits just from being a member of RMA/MBBP. The partnership with The Royal merchants association is a partnership of benefit, trust, monitoring of the benefits and making sure that the customer is getting the best value for their investment. Invest in the RMA/MBBP through Choice Hotels, and be part of the ongoing variety of benefits that are the ingredient of huge success for the loyal customers in the hospitality arena.

Book a Room Client (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)

Discount 15%. Discount available on all worldwide properties
The discount can be accessed through your Corporate ID with our 3 easy booking channels:

• On the Choicehotels.com website through your corporate ID : 00235600 (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)
• On the Choice Hotels mobile application through your corp ID : 00235600
• By phone at 1+800-424-6423 giving the agent your corp ID : 00235600
It is important that the stays are booked on one of these 3 booking channels and NOT by calling the hotels directly.

Please visit CHOICE HOTEL and get 15 % Discount, need our assistance please make a request

Auto Insurance

An auto insurance is similar to Home Insurance, it is a necessity when buying a vehicle. It is a cover for anything that can happen to the vehicle on the roads. MBE insurance provides free consultancy and benefits associated with the Auto insurance, according to the laws of Canada. The car has to be insured just like tested for Quality assurance, and can’t be on the roads unless it is fully insured for accident cover.

The key stats. That matters and need to be registered with the Vehicle are;

The premium is dependent on all the above stats. And is a term period is also decided for the cover according to the Current policy information.


The difference in insurance is similarly like Home insurance i.e. Commercial and private vehicles. For Private vehicles the insurances are different as the use is not for commercial or business purposes. The following are the vehicles for Business or commercial category;



 The insurance differs for both the above categories as we have discussed earlier, however, it also matters the purpose of purchasing vehicles, and other such reasons.


The factors that determines an Auto insurance in terms of its price, and other aspects are as follows;

All these factors are the key factors that determine the Auto insurance value and the treatment of insurance and the companies


The amount of driving experience is the factor that determines the insurance value and tells volumes about the experience of drivers and how much they are prone for injuries and accidents. Also reveals key stats in terms of the driving speed, the knowledge and how mature he is to follow the laws. It is the insurance companies that recommend certain coverage for particular drivers, and that heavily depends on their experience of driving. If for e.g. there is a teen driver at home, it is better to have good personal liability coverage, as new drivers are more prone to make mistakes. The rates to cover small age or teen drivers will be automatically be higher as they are inexperienced and lack the driving potential than that of experienced drivers. The disadvantage associated with experienced drivers are that the insurance companies monitors their past records, e.g. moving violations or accidents and insurance premiums can be higher in case of such things i.e. known most commonly as mistakes or blunders.


The driving record, is different from the amount of driving experience, and it is all the record in detail i.e. License records, any points on license if any, and record of all activities. There can be similarities in driving record, and amount of driving experience, but there are differences as well. All details are kept in mind for the insurance companies before making a decision for the premium.


The strict adherence to the traffic rules and regulations is strictly needed as in Canada the laws are strict for the sake of insurance premium purposes. Following the laws is also a good practice, and part and parcel of the social responsibility that is associated with the citizens of Canada.


The clearance needed from the Traffic police is an integral clearance that is needed for the sole purpose of following the laws and making sure all the records are safe and free from any police record activity that can lay a negative impact on the driver’s license and hence insurance premiums.


The age of driver matters in insurance premium. For new drivers or teen drivers the premium is higher as they can make more mistakes as compared to experienced drivers.


One of the factors that determine the Auto insurance i.e. Location or place of residence.


Another factor that determines the Insurance of vehicle i.e. Type of Vehicle, and make. For e.g. Toyota, Honda, BMW, the insurance matter according to the value of vehicle, its engine size and its type e.g. Motor Vehicle.


The date of last purchase another key characteristic that is determined as a factor for determining the Insurance.


How old the Vehicle is, was it bought New, or used. All these things determine the insurance aspects associated with the vehicle.


The mileage of Vehicle another factor in determining the insurance premium of the vehicle.


The bottom line is that to find an auto insurer research must be proper and find out the best deal according to the key statistics. A reliable auto insurance coverage an important element of auto ownership, as everything relies quiet heavily on auto insurance in Canada. One has to be a smart buyer with in-depth research, and taking a considerably good package that suits the budget as well as all coverage needs.

ESSO Gas Discount


ESSO, is one of the largest networks for fuel and gasoline. Discount of  3.5 Cents per liter for fuel available for those who are members of RMA/MBBP and are enrolled in the Esso  fuel program. The discount covers  all ESSO fuel purchases in  Canada. The card can be used at all participating  Esso subsidiaries in the USA but the discount will not apply. The discount  is available through the use of the Esso business card.  

The card usage is administered as well by the account holder.  Usage can be seen, i.e. where the transaction happened, all details that are related, in form of reports and transaction summary. Easy to use management tools, easy access to online portals. It is so much more than a management tool than a discount tool. 24/7 Customer service.  Shows summary of all purchase activity, all reporting with Vehicle reporting as well. Collect President Choice  points with each purchase as well.


With the end of Esso Extra card program, Esso has partnered with Loblaw’s where you can now swipe your President’s Choice Optimum Card at the pump (replacing the Esso extra card) and receive points on your fuel purchases that can be used at any participating Loblaw’s store or affiliated banners.

For copy of Esso application for either individual application or business application, please click on either link below:

Individual application
Business application

In both, online or conservative way it takes up to 7 to 10 days usually to approve application.
*Client should be informed that his credit score will be checked in order to approve his application since Esso does not ask for any deposit amount, otherwise application will be declined.

Home Insurance

Home insurance’, an insurance for the assurance of Home, when buying or renting. No one can buy a home without their home insurance, as the Canadian law states. In Home insurance everything is included i.e. Fire, Theft, Home maintenance, Home installments, Home fixtures and fittings. If the Home is on mortgage, apart from the mortgage price, the bearer will have to pay the Home premium as well, every month starting from the date of purchase. It is also a necessity when the home is rented, and RMA/MBBP are the benefits provider, backed by the Associations. A vital element in the ‘Home Economics’.


It is necessary as a ‘Home Insurance’ is a vitality in the Canadian economy, and made essential by the Canadian Govt. It is the role of the Government, along with the bank to provide with the best deal as according to the financial circumstances and the needs of the consumers. As in the consumer’s market, everything is nothing but a product, similarly, home insurance is a necessity, as well as a product, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, similarly Home insurance is the necessity of buying a home, as you are the owner of the home, and home must be assured under all circumstances. It is merely because of the risks involved in Canada, and how these risks can hurt or determine a Home insurance policy.


The amount of risks involved in Home insurance is due to the Climatic conditions of Canada that are extreme in most provinces. Threats of bad weather and hazards associated with the weather makes it necessary to highlight the key facts that concerns ‘Home Insurance’. The other risks involved are criminal threats and risk of property, as Canada is a huge land, and the population density is very low. Due to this fact, the people are mainly saturated in urban areas, and these are the areas of high population density.  Therefore, it is important to realize that Home insurance is linked highly with the Urban and Rural populations, and these population stats determine how the Home insurance will come into play as well as the premium involved. In Urban areas, the risks to threats are a bit different, and can be on the high side that’s why the insurance is higher.

The Value of the property is a key characteristic in determining the risks involved and various ways to encounter the associated risks. The value of property is mostly at a higher side in urban and sub urban settlements, as compared to those in rural settlements. Also areas of cold weather, and areas prone to earthquakes, and storms, the Home insurances are higher as risks are higher than the property might get damaged or hurt due to these threats associated.


The Home insurance in a highly developed economy is not only affordable by most people, but it is made affordable by most population. The earnings system, i.e. the Role of economy in planning Mortgages and Home insurance, keeps all these factors into key considerations. There are ‘Variances’ involved in the calculative measures for the Home insurance, as obviously according to the value of property, the property tax, the mortgage, and other factors that determine the value of the property.

People in a medium to high income bracket can easily afford Home insurances in Canada, and this is merely because of the strength of the economy, the GDP Per Capita and the property that is on the rise especially in Urban and Sub Urban areas. However, most people keep moving according to their affordability and their life style.


There are differences in Property and the difference lies in Commercial and Non Commercial. While we talk and discuss about Commercial, we need to know that they are all concerned with business property insurance, and the owners are big companies and brands. Ironically, the insurance is different as it is a commercial property, it is mostly on the high side, as compared to Non Commercial property. ‘Home insurances’ are all concerned with Non Commercial, and the key variables like property tax, mortgage and insurance, all differs. In most towns and cities i.e. urban population, the treatment of insurances are the same. However, as Canada is a huge country Area wise, it can differ in some provinces like Quebec, whose area is huge, as well as very cold and extreme temperatures.


The Role of MBE in providing and analyzing insurance consultancies is obviously a key role, as they deal in insurance through MBE insurance, part of the MBE Group of companies. What matters are the factors that determine the insurances, how they are being calculated, and difference from other insurance groups. Factors are significant, as ‘Size matters’, and the size of Canada is huge, as compared to countries in Europe and other countries. The consultancy that is provided by MBE is a move forward in the research involved in Insurance, and the interactions of various insurance groups. Insurance is hence taken as a technical thing, and calculations that are based in this regards are highly technical as well, and involve lots of methodologies. Risk factor is the most important of them. Therefore, there are team of experts and analysts who determine the Home insurance and its various factors.


Vital interactions with key stakeholder’s holds value for the company especially in Canada, there are many interactions that takes place. The key stakeholders that we need to identify are Banks, business groups, Re-insurers, and Clients. All these entities are the detrimental factor in analyzing the insurances involved, its term and the entities that are linked with the future. For Home insurance, there are Re-insurers that are involved when the insurances for Home insurances that are on a higher side than the average. A Re-insurer company, makes sure that if something happens, the insurance company can bear the costs of the losses in case of damage, fire and other threats.  The role of a Re-insurer company e.g. Munich Re is more evident in Commercial insurance, like business property than Non –Commercial. The prices involved in Commercial properties are on a higher side, and sometimes they are too substantial, as they are owned by mega companies and Landlords.