Travel And Tour


The travel & tourism industry is what has changed the global village into a very small and approachable area of interest. There are numerous advantages that are provided by MBBP/RMA so that the members get their share of discounts and ease up with the profit margins.


The services that are provided by RMA/MBBP are more than what it looks like, and in terms of the profitability, they are always for the client’s benefit. Our services cover all aspects of travelling and depends what type of travel a customer is asking for, e.g. A holiday package, a business trip, an emergency trip, a research trip, or finally just a tourism activity.

  • Planning your travel options
  • Discounts on the latest offers
  • Best itinerary for your frequent travels worldwide & nationwide.
  • Giving you a full travel agent service.
  • Making your stay short & Easy, according to requirements
  • Providing you the best journey planner for your travel
  • Giving you the most convenient offer in a competitive industry
  • Giving you the ideal services & the seating arrangements according to your desires
  • With RMA/MBBP you will know how much you need for your travel investment plans
  • Promoting tourism internationally with huge discounts


MBE Travel & Tourism is there 24/7 as the best guide for travel and tourism options, managing your plans of travel, and making sure that you get the discount offers with our agents. We provide best deals, while acting as your travel agents, and working 24/7 with you so that you travel is comfortable, easy, economical, and up to the mark (Standardized). This is for our RMA/MBBP members only so that they enjoy the complete package of benefits with us.

We also give business discounts, so if you are travelling for the sake of business, and your travels are very frequent, you shall definitely be on the profitability end, as we want you to travel safe, and travel with a touch of class. Member’s discounts will definitely improve your budget at the end of the month & will provide you with more options to travel abroad i.e. internationally as well as local travels.


The travel & tourism industry is a huge industry in Canada, and the rest of the world. Canada itself is a huge country i.e. the second largest country in the world, and there are many people travelling daily from one place within the country to another. We are exclusive in our service delivery as we cater client needs according to their conveniences and our price ranges are very flexible & economical i.e. made for the wellbeing of our most trusted members.  

The tourism industry in Canada (North America) is on the rise, a reason being its beautiful landscapes, water falls (Niagra falls), and other scenic beauty as well as highly developed cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. The aim of MBE is to provide as well as promote the tourism industry being in the hospitality business since 2018, and having a huge impact on the tourism sector in Canada. Tourism Ontario 2019, a Summit taking place in Ontario and will be facilitated by The Sentaor Hotel, is itself a huge proof of how Tourism is getting on a role in Ontario, beautiful province in Canada.

We are there as the best tourism guide for our most loyal & royal members with basic to higher level of consultancy and giving good discounts on certain planners. We are also well aware of the geography of Canada, not only on the map, but physically as well, and our agents make sure that the journey is always full of fun, adventure, and economically sound in terms of budget.