THM Group

THM Group or Take-Hold marketing was launched in Ontario, Canada in 1995. The company currently deals in a huge variety of technology services that are more or less integrated with each other. It is striving every day to create an environment of growth fueled by creative energy and a passion for cost-effectiveness. The company established a solid reputation as a leader in the on-hold message industry. The wide variety of services that the THM Group deals in are as follows; professional voice mail greetings, hosted PBX, merchant services, data recovery, newt, voice auto attendant, business voice solution, customer voice production, on-hold marketing, cloud services, telecom, application specific integrated circuit, 3d Tech, cloud computing, enterprise software, enterprises, computer software, & IT services. All these services are interlinked services provided by THM Group since 1995. The company is a small company growing up every day with a vision for success in the dynamic telecommunications industry sector.


The most recent partnership is with infra scale. The company is now offering security, storage, and recovery services for all the precious data from daily increasing clients and customers.

The mission for THM is making customer experience as smooth as possible increasing aspects related to customer satisfaction and according to the customer’s needs. For the RMA/MBBP members the approach is full of respect for the customers keeping in mind the customer’s psychology and the initiative that the company can take for them. Members from RMA/MBBP can avail discounts according to the services via the RMA/MBBP membership card. These discounts are a huge advantage for the member’s and their businesses with utilization of most business functions. Our home phone and business phone systems with latest technology updates is a source of great satisfaction for all RMA/MBBP members. It’s not only about member’s discounts, it’s also about maximum service delivery and attaining customer satisfaction.