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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is the Insurance of your business, depending on the size of the business, and the strength associated with the business. The type of business also matters, as well as the nature of business. The premium depends on the risk factor that is associated with the business. In case of the failure of business, or losses, the client gets paid. It covers all the legalities, of business in Canada, and majority of businesses are covered, as it is part of the law to cover a business which is an operational entity, and a profit generating company. 

A complete security for your business as MBE insurance is the best partner, which can support your needs. We at MBE provides free consultancy, and analysis of the risks associated with the business even if it’s a startup. Our experts can give your business the ‘best and right’ treatment, in terms of the need analysis and determining the factors that are involved.


As the heading clearly suggests it is linked with the continuity of a business or with the constant running of the business e.g. utility bills, payrolls, and many other operational expenses of a business. When the continuity of a business is affected, firstly the reason is deterred, the reason can be fire or other losses that are mentioned in the insurance policy. All the things related to the insurance i.e. the term and the amount of coverage is all based on the company’s financial records, and whether they have financial burdens like mortgage or loans. The service is not triggered until a time period that has passed following a covered loss that have resulted in the interruption of the business. Interruptions and shutdowns are investigated first in the commercial insurance, and then a decision is taken forward. The motive is that any interruption due to any valid reason doesn’t affect the business and stakeholders associated with the business for its growth. Covers more or less all the aspects linked with discontinuity or interruption than can delay or incur losses to a business.


There are plenty of risks that are associated with businesses and all these risks are covered by Commercial insurance. The risks that are associated are as follows;


The failure of business risk is the risk of complete failure of a business in its initial stages, and hence making it risky for future investments. We provide consultancy to avoid failures in businesses, and making sure that everything stays risk free when setting up a business. Consider all the possibilities before investing in the business, and making sure that all business needs are met.


With respect to the sustainability risk, there are many things that can be considered as sustenance is a crucial part of the process of making a business secure. It must be in the hands of most reliable, and the most sustainable people to take care of the prolonging of the business.


The property risk happens when the business property is in threat due to some reasons undefined or not determined. It includes damage to property, risk of fire, or earthquake risk. These are the risks that are more or less associated with the Commercial insurance.


This is a risk of fraud from a business partner, or associate, and is high when somebody is starting a new business and is fresh in terms of the setup. There can be risk of fraud from anybody, and these risk of fraud can hurt the customer financially, or emotionally.


A country risk is the risk that is associated with political or adverse conditions in a country. For Canada, this risk is very low, as Canada is a peaceful nation, with not so big population, but everyday people are coming to Canada to work and earn a good life. The country risk is higher in unstable countries which have political uncertainties.

Sub Urban and Urban population are more linked with country risk, as people are moving more towards the urban population, and it is important that the risks are identified and minimized.


The final verdict in this regards i.e. The Commercial insurance, holds significant analysis of risk factors that needs evaluation. Commercial insurance or business insurance, depending on the size of business, either large scale or small scale is more important than Home and Auto Insurance, as businesses needs security at a higher level. It is not only that, businesses are the source of employment for many people that are associated with the business in terms of work and a reliable source of income. Securing the business, the business premises, and all that is linked with the businesses is what commercial insurance gives to clients that are fresh, as well as those who are experienced business owners.

The Re-insurer companies are for the insurance of insurance companies that assure big companies, and MNCs, as well as Franchise, and there are millions of dollars investments that are involved. Securing huge amounts of investments is all part of the Commercial insurance, and it’s vital as well, as bankruptcy can lead to failures of many entities and individuals that are involved with a business directly or indirectly. Commercial insurance, the best way you can understand insurance on a larger scale, as it is the core of insurance activities.

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  • broker deals with any and all insurance companies to offer you multiple options for coverage
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Northern Financial Insurance Group



The Northern financial group is a specialized group for combines or Group insurance cover promoting group benefits and individual benefits. It covers individual health plan, critical illness, health insurance, group insurance, including dental, eye wear and eye checks. It is highly suitable for offices and businesses where insurance cover is provided based on the whole group. The benefits are for both the stakeholders, i.e. for employees (i.e. Clients) and for the organizations that are providing their employees with Group or combines insurance. Provides safety and security, ease of use, and big discounts because of being group-based.


The convenience lies in the provision of services to the whole group, providing combined benefits to all the employees, and playing a huge part in the employee relationship program.

An ideal for firms that are SMEs i.e. small to Medium enterprises, and large businesses as it provides Group insurance plans that are beneficial for the long run, and for the financial stability of the company as well as the individuals i.e. employees. Services that we provide are listed below;

The rates are all set rates with flexibility, easy enrollment, and pooled renewals. The benefits are divided into two categories i.e. Mandatory benefits, and Optional Benefit Coverage. The detail for both are given below.


Note: Life and AD&D provides basic level of insurance to pay out upon death or accidental death. Both are the mandatory benefits for all Olympic Benefits Plans.


Note:  The below benefits are options and can be added onto the core plans of Extended Health & Dental Plan.


There are extended health care benefits Gold, Silver, and Bronze options. All the three categories are;

  • 100% Drugs, unlimited- with no deductible
  • 100% travel benefits
  • 100% Semi Private hospital
  • 100 % eye exams up to $ 75
  • 100% Medical Services
  • 100% Paramedical Practitioners with $1000 max. per family combined
  • 100 % drugs, unlimited – Deductible equals dispensing fee
  • 100 % Travel benefits
  • 100 % Semi Private Hospital
  • 100% Eye exams up to $75
  • 80 % Medical Services.
  • 80 % Paramedical Practitioners with
  • $500 Max per Family combined.
  • 80% Drugs, Unlimited- deductible equals dispensing fee
  • 100% Travel benefits
  • $500 health care spending account includes (Per Family):
    • Semi Private Hospital
    • Medical Services
    • Eye Exams
    • Paramedical Practitioners.

Note: All combines to annual maximum.

There are four types of divisions i.e. Prescription drugs, Paramedical practitioners, Medical services and supplies, Gold coverage. The most frequently used coverage to help cover costs of either generic or simply brand named drugs. The Paramedical includes physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, podiatrists etc. The medical services and supply include the Nursing care, ambulance, hearing aids, orthotics, orthopedic shoes, etc. The GOLD coverage is only available to group Clients currently in a group benefits plan.

Lastly the dental care options includes GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE

100% Basic coverage
$1,500 max. per person per year.
8 Scalling units
5 month recall

90 % Basic coverage
$1,000 Max Per Person Per Year
8 Scaling Units
9 month recall

80 % Basic Coverage
$500 max. per person per year.
6 scaling units
9 month recall.

NOTE: The Basic Dental covers the following:

Oral Examinations, x rays, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, root canals, lab examinations.


The Northern Financials Groups is in business since the last 30 years, having 500 group clients, 1500 individual clients and 5 charities linked with them. We are in association through RMA/MBBP, and share a great mutual relationship with Northern Financials due to its sustainable presence in Canada, as well as having an individual and Group clientele of approx. 2000 combined members. Serving in the insurance and financial sector with high dignity, pride and great customer service has put immense trust in the company over the years. The future of the company and its collaborations are highly secure and sustainable mainly due to the Group clientele. I believe that the relationship shall prolong giving significant benefits to the members especially in the Corporate & business world, a world that is full of rewards and benefits for the 9-5 working daily for their corporate agendas. Northern Financials role in the provision of insurance services & financial products has made them benchmarks in the Financial and Insurance industry worldwide.