Petro Canada



Petro Canada is one of the fuel providers in Canada and is working everyday with highly efficient systems to provide profitable services to its customers in Canada. MBBP provides benefits to its members when they use Petro Canada, mostly in form of efficient fleet services and bringing its members close to its enterprise fleet management program.  

As part of the benefits associated with Petro Canada, we provide the Petro Canada Super pass at all Petro Canada truck stop and gas stations. It is designed for fleet management i.e. small or enterprise fleet management. It provides ease of use for customers especially if the vehicle is part of the fleet, the convenience is always there for drivers on various Petro Canada locations.

Saving money is the motive, and customers can easily save money with Super Pass controls and security. There are options that can be used by the client or customers as easy to use SuperPass cardholder controls.


  • Setting restrictions on fuel and non-fuel related purchases i.e. limiting the amount of purchase
  • Assigning of specific security PINs by type of card
  • Receiving of instant response of any unusual transactions i.e. exceptional monitoring of who is using the card
  • Fleet management showing the reading of driver’s odometer, with every fuel purchase
  • Managing the cards instantly with suspension, cancellations and 24/7 service of termination of card with SuperPass online.


The prevention of unwanted and non- authorized spending with our powerful controls will help in the security management procedures associated with the Card. It will show indicators in form of the following;

  • Time of Day
  • Day of the week
  • Geography
  • Fuel Grade
  • Non-Fuel Purchases
  • Car wash limits
  • Tobacco & Lottery

The reporting system in Petro Canada is highly digital and customized and is a highly sensitive feedback system. It gives useful access over 30 useful reports, getting the statements with the key details you care for, the scheduling of reports, i.e. daily, weekly or monthly reports, sending the reports through email, and saving the time by reducing the data entry.


The incentive program cards are designed for cash incentives, loyalty programs, and brand loyalty as well as customer loyalty, making customers the focal point of all transactions.

Gift cards, preferred price cards, & Car wash cards. An advantage in fuel consumption and for the benefits of customers giving them huge discount offers and many incentives into the cash program. The gift cards are used for fuel purchases, car washes and in-store purchases at any Petro Canada locations nationwide.

The Preferred Price cards give leverage to the appeal of fuel savings courtesy of your designated brand. Just have to reload the card every time for continued incentive. It is used very commonly and is a fuel savings card.

The car wash cards is used specifically for car washing discounts. This is a premium service, and has some outstanding options, the premium option is a unique, high value reward and allows you to select a number and the type of washes.


          The number of benefits associated with Petro Canada are for the consumer awareness, loyalty and promotional campaigns. RMA/MBBP members are thus on the list of beneficiaries that can     consume the fuel though Petro Canada, as well as get benefits in terms of loyalty schemes and loyalty cards. As RMA/MBBP members they will be getting the same benefits as Petro Canada members are getting, the difference is MBBP members will have to provide their own loyalty cards to avail similar benefits in the petroleum industry. Benefits not only assist people according to their daily consumption of fuel, but they also provide them with an awareness of product analysis, evaluation, & how to set themselves rich & high standards. It is also part & parcel of the loyalty programs associated with MBE, and is a highly advantageous activity for the members of RMA/MBBP.