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MBE Global (Software Solutions) is a Software company that offers software solutions for mainly business needs. Our clients are small and medium sized enterprises, and our expertise is in dealing with software solutions i.e. all types of software or website static or dynamic.


We offer our clients software solutions in the form of software designed and customized as according to the client needs. We also offer websites i.e. Static or dynamic depending on the needs of the client as well as their corporate needs. An example of software solutions is CRM i.e. Customer relationship management system that monitors, records and analyzes the Customer relationship aspects that are important for the future analysis of customers. ERP systems as well i.e. Entity resource planning systems that are for business processes and BPR i.e. Business Process re-engineering. Other products include HR related software for the use of employee records and its maintenance and full data. Office management systems i.e. attendance for Portal in office. We also provide the ATM switch, as well as the integration of website for online payments with the merchant server. Websites need to be dynamic if they have the facility of online payments, and it is a dynamic merchant website. Our team of software are highly capable of doing the linking as well as making it a high profile and well maintained website.. We also handle domains and forward them to clients for small, large or medium scale businesses. The technology solutions we provide to the financial services industry are as follows;

We provide ATM and POS switches as well, and have 1000 clients worldwide.

1. ATM Solutions

All the solutions i.e. Software for ATM, as we deal in MBE ATM as well. Our solutions are highly user friendly and holds client efficiency aspects. We ensure that your ATM software is always active whenever you need it and running round the clock.

2. Card Solutions

They are a complete solutions for debit, credit, prepaid and ATM payment services to financial solutions. We provide card payment technology with all ingredients of compliance and safety measures.

3. Mobile Solutions

All the possible solutions regarding the latest in mobile technology. More and more efforts in mobile-based solutions, technology and customer access.

4. Account Processing:

We also deal in Account processing systems that help financial institutions to have their most dependable platform for all kinds of financial processing or payments processing.

5. Credit & Debit Card Processing Solutions

We also provide a full service payment card program for the debit and credit card processing solutions. These solutions are robust, and secure in terms of payment processing.

6. Electronic Billing & Payment Solutions

MBE Global also provides e-billing and payment solutions that are developed for the sole purpose of e-billing and secure payment processing. The members can easily manage to pay their bills online, with a reference number in hand, so that their payments are secure and they have peace of mind.

7. Business Intelligence Solutions

BI’s or Business Intelligence solutions are compatible software’s that are developed with huge reliance on business intelligence, and forecasting methods. They are developed solely for the purpose of forecasting sales trends, profit trends, and analysis of businesses especially useful for the retail environment. Also foresees and predicts the market changes, with analysis of the current and past trends. It is a very useful software systems that helps companies’ in their future financial decision making.

8. Information Management Systems

Information Management Systems or IMS systems are mainly used by companies for managing and analyzing of information i.e. critical data for the company. The examples of such systems are ERP, Hotel management systems, Attendance systems (in offices), Employee management systems & retail systems. All these systems helps in the recording, organizing, analyzing and using data as well as previously stored data for the needs of organization. It is for the purpose of data retrieval, data storage, reconciling, and many organizational needs.


MBE Global is a software company and its role is to satisfy its clients and provide all kind of solutions to the clients that they need for their requirements specifications. MBE Global as the name suggests is a global platform for solutions software and its focus is deeply concerned with the client’s requirements. Solutions that are software based are always active in the modern business environment, as everything is now relying on IT and software solutions.

We also provide the best possible advice to our client and members if they want a software solution, website for their company with all details of what are they working on, and design and development according to client. MBE Global is always looking forward in improving their services and we hope to satisfy our client needs with higher performance levels and discipline.