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MBE Advertising & Marketing


MBE Advertising and Marketing is a RMA/MBBP company and we deal in marketing and advertising of businesses on demand. We are highly acknowledged with services of digital media marketing and our services include Search engine optimization, direct marketing, email marketing i.e. bulk emails, blogs, ‘sms’ marketing and marketing through print media i.e. MBE Business magazine. ‘Marketing’ is a key tool while you grow your business and its operations, and MBE knows how to market their products with the help of e-commerce and digital marketing.

E-commerce is a modern and dynamic tool of digital marketing, and holds its importance on the World Wide Web due to the ease of use of the internet & its different prospects for large, medium and small businesses.  Almost all businesses use the internet for the marketing of their products, and gaining huge advantages and corporate edge as compared to their competitors.

We also use the social network i.e. face book, twitter and Myspace for the digital media marketing. Social media is a fast and powerful online marketing tool that is used for media marketing. The impacts are huge as many people are users of facebook and LinkedIn, and what’s important is people must have promotional knowledge and the way it is delivered is highly important.


A ‘Marketing Environment’ is known as an absolute environment or a platform that is designed for the marketing of certain products and services depending on the kind of product or services we are dealing in. The prime focus is to make an environment of trust firstly, and then highlight the key marketing needs. For e.g. for digital media marketing, the marketing environment is the website, the blogs, social media e.g. facebook, mySpace, and linkedin. We have to realize the importance of the marketing environment and what are its mandatory requirements. For MBE, the marketing environment is the worldwide web, as most services are mainly online, and have a mega online presence in the marketing environment.


Market segmentation is marketing of products and services by segmenting them into the target market i.e. through demographics. Our demographics are mostly North America i.e. Canada, and we highly focus our marketing on Ontario the province of the city Toronto. Our focus groups are entrepreneurs, business men (tycoons), and owners of large, medium and small scale businesses. Our products are mostly for the retail environment that’s why our marketing and advertising is not based or connected with individuals, in fact we need to target media gurus and the retail environment i.e. big shops, businesses, and segments where POS devices are commonly used as well as ATMs. For the marketing of ATMs we generally use the internet i.e. the World Wide Web, as the key source of marketing, and the rest we have a clientele that is performance based, and we just need to keep the client happy. MBE also use magazines for ‘ATM marketing’ that is delivered all throughout Canada especially Ontario.


MBE Magazine in print version is in high demand all over Ontario, and its popularity is beyond Ontario as well, i.e. throughout most Canada. We have unlimited amount of subscribers of the magazine, that is used for marketing and advertising of MBE products and services as well as other companies who use MBE for the purpose of advertising. These include medium to small scale businesses, as well as catering, restaurants, financial groups, life insurance, petrol station, RMA/MBBP, Grocery, food services and hotel services.

MBE Newsletter is yet another example of the print media marketing with e-Newsletters available online. News letters are used for updates in the business functions, marketing of grand activity or products and making things mobile in terms of advertising of our most common and significant business functions. Our business partners i.e. The Royal LePage and RMACanada has been vitally significant in delivering us what we needed from them. MBBP and the Mansoor Naqvi Team has been the highlight of the marketing of the most profitable business services in the MBE Group, and we have delivered in the best possible way.


MBE has a huge scope and future in marketing and advertising. We are market leaders in DMM i.e. digital media marketing, and our services and products are marketed with a huge online presence globally. The global capacity of MBE has increased since it has stepped into the hospitality business by acquiring Senator Hotel and then AlgonquinInn, and now the direction is just forward instead of moving back. 

MBE is advertising its services and products daily online, and there are many clients, customers, and businesses that are attached with the company due to their marketing and advertising strategies. A strategy always determines how a goal shall be pursued, with MBE the strategy has never been to downsize its marketing campaign, they have always expanded their marketing campaigns to look for prospective business options and clientele regularly. “The Client is always Right” is a very famous saying that signifies the importance of client in the eyes of the business provider or a service provider. This is mainly why MBE has given huge boost to its clientele, satisfied their needs and moved ahead at a rapid pace through positive advertising. Understanding the competitor’s strategy and analyzing their marketing targets is also important for a company like MBE.

Generally speaking, one cannot deny what holds forward in marketing and determining marketing goals, as that is the thing that develops a successful marketing agenda. Advertising is simply improving the marketing strategies through innovation, creativity, and clearly defining the product knowledge and its success factors. The marketing campaigns in future must be more focused instead being generic, having huge potential of success, and delivering the best needs of the customers. MBE surely has a bright future due to its marketing strategies, and a highly skillful and transparent advertising formula.