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Construction is a very technical and highly sophisticated field that requires the technical knowhow in building homes & other construction work. The know-how that we need is regarding the building material, the weather and having technical expertise in construction especially getting to know the Canadian environment and the culture that we are operating in.

MBE is certified with Tarion i.e. a chartered construction firm responsible for construction work & building material. The services MBE gives in certification with Tarion are renovation, city approvals, & architecture work.  

We also deal in decision making regarding building material, professional guidance from scratch to finish. The construction related services for members are on discounted rates with free consultation & absolutely free guidance in a timely & accurate manner.


MBE Construction’ is certified by a highly approved construction firm in Canada known as Tarion, which has a public mandate and a mission to provide homes in Ontario.  It is for more than 40 years serving in the construction company providing home warranty protection to more than two million Ontario homes. That’s a high amount of homes, showing that they have been in the construction industry since a long time. ‘Tarion’, serves the new home buyers and new home owners and ensures that their biggest investments is protected. The warranty protection is provided by Ontario’s builders & lasts up to the period of seven years, which means for 7 years Tarion will be responsible for the ‘Home protection’ in terms of the construction & building material.

The partnership between ‘MBE’ & Tarion is a sustainable measure to enhance the trust of clients and bring fruitful results & measurements in the construction procedures & the construction operations of MBE.


MBE Construction is responsible for all the construction related things i.e. Renovation, City approvals, Architecture, & monitoring etc. We deal in renovations project for already constructed projects or semi-constructed projects that are in pending. We also deal in city approvals, architecture work and monitoring activities. Our team of expert architects are there to give the best results in form of architectural works and construction related consultancies. We are into strict monitoring of construction related activity in MBE. The services are chartered by Tarion, and this has provided MBE with the confidence in building the homes according to the requirements of clients.


The environment plays a very active role in making sustainable homes especially in a cold climate like Canada. The MBE construction is highly aware of the weather factors in Ontario, Canada, and hence the manufacturing material is used according to the cold weather that is sometimes termed as severe climatic conditions. All the developments i.e. construction work, takes place according to quality assurance procedures in Canada and these QA procedures are for the safety of people on board, and the environmental management. We take care of the warming effects as Ontario is very cold especially in winter, and hence the building QA procedures are always taken into consideration with deep insights.

The Tarion partnership is a vital partnership in terms of the construction measurements, and are always kept in mind with a lucrative mindset. The industry requirements as practiced in Canada are the ones that MBE follow strictly, communicating with all the stakeholders and taking the client requirements as foremost in terms of productivity.

Analyzing the client requirements and making analysis of getting along with the construction work is what we do on every project. We deal all projects with a development point of view, & we develop insights into how to carry forward with the project guidelines and procedures and catering its requirements. MBE Construction role is increasing everyday with the increasing demand in the industry, and the changing state of affairs in the real estate. As we are a group of companies i.e. MBE Group of companies, that’s why working in alliance and making positive links is what MBE has always made possible. Our aim here is to adapt a perfect mechanism for construction, and making useful associations in future similar to Tarion i.e. our partnership firm.

  • Cost Effective
  • Don’t have to deal with Trades. One Project Manager will be assigned.
  • Excellent Time Management of Project. Completion date delivered on time. Some exclusions apply.
  • City approval for permits, drawings and paper work all handled in house.
  • Flexible Payment structure