Being part of the LVM Tech group LVM Tech GPS is a fleet management security contractor that deals in the protection of fleets of Vehicle. This is an innovation GPS tracking and reporting technology and is respected industry wide as the most scalable solution for fleets. It is also customizable by the client according to their needs and analysis outcomes. The company is consistently introducing new technology for the tracking and protection of assets and fleet. With new wireless platforms and shaping the future for asset/fleet management we have incredibly changed the way people do business and take multiple businesses into account.

In case if your business operates under mobile employees and fleet services that are mobile most time FM GPS is the best option for you. We are improving every day in making things safer for people and easier to track their fleet of vehicles and other mobile assets. We have made tracking and monitoring easier and more reliable as we can accomplish the best and most lucrative use of technology. Technology, these days is playing a huge role everywhere and since its inception in the security industry worldwide, the usage is more diverse.


To members from MBBP/RMA we offer our services with discounts as well as online discounts available through membership card. Our member’s assets and fleet management is taken very seriously as asset protection is a field of security management and alarm systems. Member’s discounts and benefits makes it the most reliable and a service that holds huge recognition in field of business. Our self-employed members and SMEs are especially at benefits as LVM-GPS is a distinguished part of the protection services and group Canada.

For members and non-members the company has an ability to streamline your business processes through routing, dispatching, communication and electronic form creation. Furthermore, all this is possible from not multiple but one device, provided to the client.