Immigration Services



Canada is considered these days as one of the most developed economies of the world. Immigration to Canada can be a very simple process if you follow all the norms and procedures and follow the law accordingly, as Canada is a strict follower of the law, and holds huge responsibility in strictly abiding by the citizenship laws & procedures in a highly profound manner.

One of the most favorable countries to study for international students after USA, UK & Australia. Canada is highly considered as the land of many opportunities mainly due to its economy, its infrastructure, and its dynamic and most admirable university environment. Stats say that annually many people land in Canada, with a dream in their eyes to explore the beautiful world, to study, for work, and for migration status that they achieve after years of struggle. The policies are straightforward, and hold utmost priority for the legitimate and most deserving people, especially those who are equipped with lingual skills and have achieved good qualifications in their earlier lives. French language holds points in Canada especially in the province of Quebec, which is a highly resourceful province with cold temperatures, and is one of the favorite places for the migrants. 

MBE also deals in Immigration services to Canada, and it has been highly successful to outlay a huge name in the immigration services. We offer free consultation to our members regarding immigration & law, as we have the best lawyers with us who give free advice as well as the lawyers representing you in court if there are issues regarding the immigration or any other migration issue.


We offer immigration services in form of the following;

  • 1. Free consultation
  • 2. Documentation of immigration matters and making the best case
  • 3. Representing any issues in court (Team of expert lawyers)
  • 4. Sponsorships (Consulting clients on sponsorships & how it works)
  • 5. PR (Permanent residence for Canada through proper channel)
  • 6. Citizenship of Canada (Best Advice & expert opinion).
  • 7. Student visa (Studying in Canada for a proper degree)

We also offer many discounts for all our members. Processes in legal representation, documentation discounts on better market rates, as well as document handling discounts.

The cases are managed according to the different cases as every case is different and requires a completely different scenario and workings on the case. For students visa the requirements are different, the score of IELTS should be there as well as fees for the university and all the academic requirements must be well presented to carry forward a strong case.


The education sector has played a very vital role in promoting immigration, as well as bringing people to Canada because of the university standards. It’s the rich university standards e.g. University of Toronto, and Mac Gill University that students can’t miss Canada, for research & innovation, technology, IT, computer science, commercial sector, architecture education and many different bachelors and masters programs. The school level is also highly enriched, as schools are well maintained with the best standards available, the best libraries, and the most acknowledged of research resources that are par United States and United Kingdom. Canada also offers good teaching and development programs for people to work in the education sector and prove their worth through sheer brilliance and commitment. When it comes to commitment the role of the education sector has been improving every day, and daily people come to Canada to explore what Canada holds for them because of its rich diversity.

To improve its immigration, Canada must bring huge improvements to its student visas and make desirable policies to update the enrichment program for people coming to Canada for education and academics.


All consultation matters are handled with huge sensitivity & making things highly transparent for increase in success rates. Following are the services that MBE provides in the form of consultancy matters.

  • 1. Looking at the requirements of the clients & making the best possible advice.
  • 2. Analyzing the case & figuring out the weaknesses
  • 3. Making sure that the points system is fully achieved by the clients and advice accordingly to cater the points needed.
  • 4. Dealing with the legitimate issues of clients with the help of legal experts (lawyers).
  • 5. Making a strong case of immigration keeping in mind the requirements & the pre-requisites.
  • 6. Document handling of clients & making the best documents possible.
  • 7. Documentation according to the case scenarios of clients & their available options.
  • 8. Making sure everything stays transparent b/w the client, mediators (MBE consultancy) & the immigration body of Canada.
  • 9. Making sure that the case is designed to reduce the ‘immigration response time.’
  • 10. Highly acknowledge all requirements & give due importance to the immigration bodies.
  • 11. All consultation is free for members and non-members must always make sure to pay the consultation charges to have the best possible advice.


Migration is a very sensitive thing to handle, and MBBP members are highly acknowledged members as they get the best possible and free advice for the consultancy matters. MBE shall be dealing with immigrations in more enhanced and better ways in future making sure that we provide everything including the documentation to deal with all the respective immigration issues of clients and members. According to stats migration is increasing in Canada mainly because it’s a vast land and the population density is low, making immigration a vital aspect for the people coming from all over the world. Mostly people come with a student visa, and then they settle in Canada as they are highly inspired by the living standards and the environment, as well as the economy of Canada. The future in immigration is more worthwhile, as investors, entrepreneurs, students, and skilled workers, all want to invest and reap their benefits in the biggest North American country.