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Drug Benefits



Drug plan is the medical benefits that are provided in the developed countries to them who are entitled by the government through law or are under any drug benefit program. The drug plan benefits are received to the Canadians through Ontario Trillium, i.e. for Ontario based resident only. Each year the beneficiaries must apply for the Ontario Trillium benefit by filling the personal income tax return and completing & enclosing the ON-BEN application form that is included in your tax return package. This must be filed even though if you don’t have any income to report. The information that is given in your tax return the Canadian revenue agency will determine if you are eligible and inform that you are entitled to receive the credit.

The free drug plan comes under the category of Ontario Trillium Benefit and are approved just once every year, and then you can easily get the benefits. You just have to spend an allocated budget on your annual income, while exceeding the budget all medicines are free of cost. They are mainly only prescribed medicines and are merged with life insurance as both are related to medicine and health. This is only limited for Ontario, as the program is Ontario Trillium benefit, and limits the use to the Ontario province only. Through RMA/MBBP if you are a permanent member you can avail the drug plan benefits, as we are providing them for ease of our members.


The Ontario drug benefit program is a program for old age citizens when they turn 65. Those who can qualify before getting to that age are either living in long term care home, home for special care, and Community home for opportunity. The second route is either you are 24 years of age or younger, & not covered by private insurance plan, receiving the professional home, and community care services, receiving benefits from Ontario works, or the Ontario disability support program, and enrolled in the Trillium Drug Plan.

The Ontario drug benefit program covers most of the cost of more than 4,400 prescription drug products. Also helps you pay for the allergy shots and EpiPen, products used in monitoring & testing of diabetes. Prescribed medicine over the counter drugs under special circumstances e.g. ibuprofen 200 mg, Ferrous Sulphate 300. Also some nutrition products, some drugs used in the treatment of HIV and Aids, drugs used in palliative care

Those drugs that are not covered with Ontario benefit program are as follows. The prescription drugs that are purchased outside the jurisdiction of Ontario, doesn’t come into the program.


There are plenty of health benefits that are related to drug plan for the Canadian economy, and these can be seen while you are in Canada, working while paying the taxes. The health benefits are mainly for citizen’s goodwill, protection and safety. In the light of the promotion of immigration & giving health benefits for the Canadian citizens making it a healthy society. The following are the benefits that drug plans gives for the citizens of Canada and the country.


If you are enrolled in the Trillium Drug Program, the deductible is the amount that you pay out-of-pocket, i.e. on first eligible drugs you buy before the coverage begins. Once the deductible has been paid, usually about 4% of the household income after taxes, your trillium drug coverage begins and you will be entitled to pay up to $2 for each drug that is filled or re-filled until the end of the program year.


The health benefits are a big relief for the citizens of Canada as Canada is a very cold region, and prone to diseases that are related to cold, especially for the old age. Ontario Drug benefit and Trillium drug plan, are a step towards a healthy society that needs energetic, active and young individuals working daily for their survival and competition. Making it affordable for the people the Govt. is clear in its message to the people that they have to be healthy to live and promote a healthy environment.