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Deluxe are discounts on Office supplies e.g. Office Stationery and office materials. The discounts are exclusively on first order 50% off, and the rest of the orders on every order its 15% off.

It is the best possible way to attain Office (stationery) discount for small, medium or large enterprises, especially new companies looking for office setup and incorporating big volume clients. The discounts are achieved through dedicated personnel or through a single person (entity) i.e. Cheryl. They can also be purchased through online on Deluxe.ca, and quoting the promo code: JX065

The documental material i.e. served by deluxe are stationery, cheques, legal form, NOCs, affidavits, items, bags, Paper binders and all office related things/ material.


An advantage that holds to clients i.e. Small or medium sized businesses are that things are organized for the client to have office discounts on their vital purchases and stationery stocks.

Deluxe, an MBBP benefit that is vital for businesses especially medium and small sized businesses to give huge advantages to buyers of office material and stationery. Office stationery and office stock is a must for businesses and Deluxe has helped its clients to achieve the needs in affordable pricing. Pricing matters for fresh business owners, either they are opening a consultancy business, a software house, a market research company, a media company, or a research house. All they need is to invest medium to high in office material and discounts will make their investment useful for the future of the company. The benefits for the clients are hence listed below;


Deluxe Canada is high in demand in terms of Office supplies, and MBBP/RMA discounts makes it more suitable for business customers. Their featured categories have a huge market presence in form of Cheques and banking, business forms, office supplies, promotional and Apparel, and other online services. With Deluxe Canada, clients in the industry have huge levels of satisfaction, and the demands are high.

          The nature of business is such that it has made office supplies one of the most wanted products in the industry as the demands are constant, and more influenced through new businesses and medium sized businesses. With the demand, the customers need more discounts, and benefits in terms of discounts have made office supplies one of the most wanted products. Similarly, while RMA/MBBP members enjoy business benefits from other benefits of MBBP, with office supplies it has increased the market presence.

The discounts can be made more flexible if for some products the discounts are higher, for other products they are lower. This variance in discounts can be because for some products the demands can be high, while for other the demands can be lower than normal. The variance is the best way to move forward in understanding the discounts, and evaluating why they differ product wise. However, with RMA/MBBP all the benefits provided to its members are there for the sake of member’s ease of use, and providing benefits for their purchases.