RMA Canada

Dear Valuable Customers,

There are an increasing number of reports of cybercriminals acting as RMA Canada representatives employing different methods including telephonic phone calls/ SMS/ e-mail masking with our official numbers to gain access to important personal and business information. Such disclosure of information could lead to any fraud hazard.

  Please note that MBE Inc. will NEVER:

– Call/SMS/email other than the official contact.
– Send any email/SMS that would require the customer to download a file from any link.
– Call you to ask your personal information.
– Send any phishing emails to create a sense of urgency, causing the recipient to fear their account or information is in danger.



In case you receive such calls/ SMS/ e-mails, please do not respond. Instead we would appreciate it if you report these suspicious communication at 1 (855) 669-6227 or info@rmacanada.com.