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Choice Hotels – 15% with reservation off published rates.



Choice Hotels international are a group of hotels in Canada, which originated from the United States all over the world and is a Multinational chain of Hotels. With RMA/MBBP we give discounts in the hospitality and hotel industry that is up to 20% discount on hotel reservations, with more than 325 hotels in Canada and 6,300 hotels internationally. The hotels are either from the Choice Hotels international or affiliated hotels. The RMA/MBBP members are the ones who get benefits from Choice Hotels through advanced bookings and enjoy the member’s advantage on various hotels.


It holds immense benefits to customers as the customers have a freedom on the choice of Hotel, the room they want to select & the Package they are looking for. This control over the Choice of client/customers is the main reason the Hotels are named as Choice Hotels international. The freedom that is enjoyed by the customers to be responsible for their choices makes them free and totally in authority of their choice, as at the end of the day it’s the customers that are the key in the hospitality industry. Your Choice will make you satisfied for your future, but you will also gather big advantages from the industry stakeholders.  

The Client sees & compares the actual rates as well as the discounted member price to find the best package as per his convenience.

All they need to do is access the portal, select their choice of hotels and rooms, as well as the package, and avail the discounts that are available, but can vary according to the hotel and different packages.


An interesting debate that needs to be answered, what matters in the hospitality industry? It is a question that exhibits huge prospects for many stakeholders that are deeply involved with people in the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry what matters is the Client/customer satisfaction, and how far is the customer satisfied with the performance of the Hotel.

We are deeply concerned with the KPIs i.e. Key performance indicators that demonstrates the satisfaction levels of the customers. Pricing is one of the key factors that is linked with customer satisfaction and the pricing strategies vary according to the Hotel. Discounts on reservations, and on bookings is also essential for the customer satisfaction aspects linked with the hospitality industry, as in the hospitality industry there is deep involvement of increase in the pricing, as Hotels are always improving their standards every day, and affordability is highly affected because of such measures.

Choice Hotels is an international group that operates worldwide and has a huge market presence according to the statistics of the Hotel industry. It has one of the most effective pricing strategies with a high discounted price that is very responsible for the pricing mechanism. The Choice hotels international realizes the importance of effective pricing because of the growing needs in the hospitality industry and everyday increase in the clientele. It also gives group discounts and discounts are always available for regular members i.e. those who are regular client of Choice Hotels international.

The discounts are either directly for Choice Hotels or affiliated Hotels that are affiliated with Choice Hotels, however, the discounts are the same and are through RMA/MBBP. They are in form of exclusive offers for the members, in other words, some extra days for the members to reap the benefits of Choice Hotels international.


It works through portal of Choice Hotels, the client options are more than one, and it is according to their convenience and their needs. The website provides all the relevant information for the Choice Hotels discounts, and these offers help them sustain the hospitality advantages, on tours, official assignments, and tourism and hospitality industry and for the sake of promoting the tourism industry.  

You can also call the Toll free number & mention the unique membership number, and quote the client ID this is valid for members only, as it is a member’s only discount. After providing all the relevant information, the customer service shall give the discount to the members, after asking them their choice of hotel, the room they would like, and the package or deal they want to go ahead with. On call the customers shall be more satisfied as they will talk through what they want, and there is nothing that will make them Un-satisfied or Un-happy on their presence in the hotel.


Choice Hotels has one of the best websites that has a huge internet presence, and includes all the information for the choice of Hotel needed, access to rooms and packages, and availability options. Link: https://www.choicehotels.ca/?chooseSrp=true The customer service forwards this link to the client for self-reservation, bookings, and making all the choices for themselves, and also quoting the client ID and availing the on spot discounts. All payments are made through credit or debit cards, and payments are authorized by the website through an authenticated payment option. The website also has linking i.e. you can get to the website indirectly as well, just have to be aware of how to avail the offers on a certain hotel, and the package you like.


There are many discounts that are available online in the hospitality industry looking at the volume of sales every day. The Choice Hotels discounts are a move towards the betterment and accomplishment of people’s associations linked with the hospitality industry/ Hotel industry. What customer need is trust in the service, and old and trusted customers are always looking for big discounts and offers that are at least a step forward for the associated people in the industry.

It is also a promotional strategy or a step that improves the tourism internationally and in Canada. The pricing of packages involves deep considerations for the economy class and the highly privileged class. The privilege class are the most that benefits from discounts in the hospitality industry as they are the most that attain the hospitality industry features and various measures.

 RMA/MBBP’s role in providing benefits to member is also because they are into so many benefits, the customers are common as MBBP/RMA has a wide array of variable benefits in their list. The common benefits platform is also because if members are business owners they can avail multiple benefits just from being a member of RMA/MBBP. The partnership with The Royal merchants association is a partnership of benefit, trust, monitoring of the benefits and making sure that the customer is getting the best value for their investment. Invest in the RMA/MBBP through Choice Hotels, and be part of the ongoing variety of benefits that are the ingredient of huge success for the loyal customers in the hospitality arena.

Book a Room Client (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)

Discount 15%. Discount available on all worldwide properties
The discount can be accessed through your Corporate ID with our 3 easy booking channels:

• On the Choicehotels.com website through your corporate ID : 00235600 (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)
• On the Choice Hotels mobile application through your corp ID : 00235600
• By phone at 1+800-424-6423 giving the agent your corp ID : 00235600
It is important that the stays are booked on one of these 3 booking channels and NOT by calling the hotels directly.

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