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Legal Services



MBE legal services is part of the MBE Group to provide all kind of legal services, advice, consultation or any legal matter that is important and needs to be addressed in a highly professional environment. The consultation matters are absolutely free for the sake of litigation, family law, lawyers to be referred, and for any good and free initial consultation. We have a team of lawyers who work for us, and are highly determined and acknowledged lawyers to fight for people according to the case.


All the consultancy matters are handled according to the case and what future holds regarding the legal matters. Examples of diversified legal cases are immigration cases, family disputes, family law, divorce cases, and business related cases. For all cases we have lawyers that are engineered to provide with the best possible advice, and engage in legal services example litigation and highly prestigious case matters. Consultancy is the initial level of the startup process that later turns into the legal action, with documentation by the lawyers and representing the client in court. All consultancy matters are absolutely free for the members, and holds vital importance as according to the case scenario.


The tenants Vs The landlord issues are high tension issues in Canada and needs most attention for consultancy, or for the legal proceedings. The issues are mostly related with the following;

All these issues that are related to property i.e. Tenant Vs Landlord, are provided with free consultancy, and hence if needed they are dealt with in the court of law. Tenancy issues are very critical in Canada, initial settlement is necessary to move ahead as the main aim is to resolve the issue before it gets to the court of Law.


MBE Legal holds a great reputation and authority in problem solving many issues that concerns legal status. We also provide fruitful, enriched and concise as well as descriptive (according to case) documentation to solve issues related to migration, citizenship, bankruptcy, family law, divorce, business issues (legal) and work related legal problems. All we do is give free and best advice to our members and charge the non-members according to the case. The team of lawyers at MBE legal are highly trained in problem solving matters and representing our client in court, as we have a team of highly competent and knowledgeable lawyers.

It’s our agenda that justice must prevail at any cost, and everyone must abide by the law as and when required in the court of law. According to the Canadian legislations we are highly trained to serve and give the required treatment for the case. We also deal in family law and family related issues, and we are highly competent in making sure that family disputes are resolved according to the Canadian charter. Acting as the good citizens of Canada is the utmost responsibility of every citizen that holds the Canadian passport and is abided by the law of Canada. All we do in this regards is resolve issues while bringing our trusted clients close to the law. Judiciary must prevail in an economic and social country like Canada.

  • In house lawyer – lowest legal fees – free consultation
  • Expertise in family, real estate, civil litigation or criminal law
  • MBBP membership will provide you with 2 notarized signature sessions
  • $50.00 charge thereafter




Canada is considered these days as one of the most developed economies of the world. Immigration to Canada can be a very simple process if you follow all the norms and procedures and follow the law accordingly, as Canada is a strict follower of the law, and holds huge responsibility in strictly abiding by the citizenship laws & procedures in a highly profound manner.

One of the most favorable countries to study for international students after USA, UK & Australia. Canada is highly considered as the land of many opportunities mainly due to its economy, its infrastructure, and its dynamic and most admirable university environment. Stats say that annually many people land in Canada, with a dream in their eyes to explore the beautiful world, to study, for work, and for migration status that they achieve after years of struggle. The policies are straightforward, and hold utmost priority for the legitimate and most deserving people, especially those who are equipped with lingual skills and have achieved good qualifications in their earlier lives. French language holds points in Canada especially in the province of Quebec, which is a highly resourceful province with cold temperatures, and is one of the favorite places for the migrants. 

MBE also deals in Immigration services to Canada, and it has been highly successful to outlay a huge name in the immigration services. We offer free consultation to our members regarding immigration & law, as we have the best lawyers with us who give free advice as well as the lawyers representing you in court if there are issues regarding the immigration or any other migration issue.


We offer immigration services in form of the following;

We also offer many discounts for all our members. Processes in legal representation, documentation discounts on better market rates, as well as document handling discounts.

The cases are managed according to the different cases as every case is different and requires a completely different scenario and workings on the case. For students visa the requirements are different, the score of IELTS should be there as well as fees for the university and all the academic requirements must be well presented to carry forward a strong case.


The education sector has played a very vital role in promoting immigration, as well as bringing people to Canada because of the university standards. It’s the rich university standards e.g. University of Toronto, and Mac Gill University that students can’t miss Canada, for research & innovation, technology, IT, computer science, commercial sector, architecture education and many different bachelors and masters programs. The school level is also highly enriched, as schools are well maintained with the best standards available, the best libraries, and the most acknowledged of research resources that are par United States and United Kingdom. Canada also offers good teaching and development programs for people to work in the education sector and prove their worth through sheer brilliance and commitment. When it comes to commitment the role of the education sector has been improving every day, and daily people come to Canada to explore what Canada holds for them because of its rich diversity.

To improve its immigration, Canada must bring huge improvements to its student visas and make desirable policies to update the enrichment program for people coming to Canada for education and academics.


All consultation matters are handled with huge sensitivity & making things highly transparent for increase in success rates. Following are the services that MBE provides in the form of consultancy matters.


Migration is a very sensitive thing to handle, and MBBP members are highly acknowledged members as they get the best possible and free advice for the consultancy matters. MBE shall be dealing with immigrations in more enhanced and better ways in future making sure that we provide everything including the documentation to deal with all the respective immigration issues of clients and members. According to stats migration is increasing in Canada mainly because it’s a vast land and the population density is low, making immigration a vital aspect for the people coming from all over the world. Mostly people come with a student visa, and then they settle in Canada as they are highly inspired by the living standards and the environment, as well as the economy of Canada. The future in immigration is more worthwhile, as investors, entrepreneurs, students, and skilled workers, all want to invest and reap their benefits in the biggest North American country.

  • Consultants and lawyer in house – free consultation with membership
  • Provide advice and help when applying for visitors, student, work, family, super and business visa
  • Advice and help when applying for Citizenship, Permanent residency card
  • guidance and help when bringing a family member into Canada

MBE Business Magazine



As MBE is moving ahead in the business world, there are increasing number of developments. One of them is MBE business magazine. A magazine that is bi-monthly and holds vital information about businesses and advertising. It is distributed all throughout Ontario with thousands of physical copies and prints, more than 100,000s subscriptions of e-copies on the World Wide Web. It is one of the best ways to get to the masses with increased motivations and promoting leadership and business in form of articles. The current updates are based on facts and figures, news that relates to Canada, the Canadian environment, culture, information about new technology, MBE products and services & new launches.

A magazine that will guide you towards your learning and development in the real world with various organizational culture and different work environments. Some focus on the MNCs and their role with the employees, and their working patterns. Articles that will help you find a connection between your peers, and will guide you how to develop a healthy working environment.


The target market for MBE business magazine are the insurance companies, financial institutions, fresh CEOs, students, libraries, federations, retailers for product marketing and information, advertising companies, various communities, business communities. The content is mainly designed and published for the Canadian markets, and CEOs of large and small scale businesses. As it involves a high degree of business information, there is an intense focus on the learning & development and provision of knowledge outcomes for the people. People with various focused groups are the key stakeholders involved with the MBE Business magazine, and their role is to gather deep insights into the business world and the business environment in Canada. The MBE Business magazine is spreading fast, with a marketing point of view, and it is a knowledge based magazine whose mission is to update people with vital information and some highly significant and related facts.

The advertising is indeed state-of-the art, with a highly engineered marketing segmentation involved in the marketing of products. Interesting crosswords and horoscopes are a well-known segment of MBE magazine which is growing every day.  With the concept the ‘The Client is always right’, it’s been significantly flexible in terms of the client needs as well as the needs of the readers. Will keep you updated regarding the e-commerce elements and how e-commerce is changing the real world. We are in the e-commerce world and the transformation is towards being a global village and sharing of knowledge in a deep blue sea of thoughts and ideas. As they say creativity knows no boundaries, similarly MBE Magazine is a creative element that has been developing everyday with new knowledge platforms.

Environmental sustainability and climate change is an issue Canada has been tackling since a long time, MBE business magazine has been on the core front in highlighting the environmental issues and the climate change. Just recently there has been significant development in Timmins regarding the preventive evacuation procedures, and role of Senator Hotel, and MBE magazine has responded with impact of how things are shaping up regards to the preventive measurements in the environmental industry.


“Health is Wealth”, a famous phrase we use in our daily life, and it is important for the people of Canada to be particularly focused on their health aspects. We have been since the previous ‘50 issues’ focusing on the importance of a healthy diet, a healthy routine, exercise and how to make a combination of good diet with your daily routine. Most people while working in the 9-5 life must focus on their health and acknowledge a healthy diet that is vital for a healthy life, especially in a cold country like Canada.


Advertising is a key focus in a business magazine, and MBE business Magazine, a business focused magazine has always shown how MBE deals in various businesses and their role in satisfying their most trusted clients. Whether it’s MBE Advertising, MBE Accounting, MBE POS, MBE ATM, RoyalLePage and MBE Global Solutions all businesses are advertised with a deep insight into the deliverables and client satisfaction aspects. MBE magazine outlays a deep impact into showing the value of different MBE businesses and how they have contributed to the Canadian economy.

As we have stepped into the hospitality industry with latest measures being the acquisition of Algonquin, we are particularly satisfied with the advertising of our inclination in the hospitality industry, and we have deeply focused our marketing approach towards Senator hotel activities and Algonquin Inn (a lakeside resort), Both of them have outlaid a huge impact into the success of MBE worldwide.


MBE Business magazine is a business research based magazine that has been successful in recent years due to its flexible and highly mature nature. The magazine as according to the environment of Canada has played its role into the economic environment, and there are numerous success factors that it has shown. An impactful magazine for the entrepreneurs of today, CEOs, insurance organizations, business affiliations, libraries and young and dynamic business leaders, who want to know the latest updates and also some motivational therapy aspects that the magazine is into. What’s important is how you approach the end user i.e. the reader, the mind of the reader that needs to be triggered on a similar frequency i.e. a success frequency.

Mansoor Naqvi Team | Royal Lepage



The Mansoor Naqvi Team & The Royal LePage is a company that deals in Real Estate business, i.e. buying & selling of property, property management, evaluations, forecasting, and all sort of consultancy matters that are related to the Real estate i.e. Investments in the property business. Property management is a distinguished field, and The Mansoor Naqvi Team in collaboration with the RoyalLe Page is managing the property business in Canada. Royal LePage is the biggest and most prominent property management company in Canada since 1913, and has made the most contributions in the real estate business.


Property management is the science of managing property from buying, maintenance, looking after, quality assurance and all the matters that relates to the property and its vital management. In property management the key things involved is evaluation of a property, and our surveyors are trained to do the best evaluation, keeping in view the calculations, the wear and tear & the economic conditions. Social conditions of the country, country risk, and all the necessary evaluations that are critical for the future calculations of the monetary assessments.

Our monetary assessment of the property is in collaboration with the RoyalLe Page, which is our partner firm for the evaluation of property, and has been dealing in property management since a very long time.


There are many factors that evaluate the property evaluations that MBE Real Estate manages and calculates to determine and analyze the property performance. They are also known as KPIs i.e. Key Performance indicators that determine the factors involved in property evaluations. The factors are;


The risk assessment is the determination of the risks involved in the future sale of property, and also shows how the property price will move down or up depending on the risks involved. We at the Royal LePage & The Mansoor Naqvi Team determine the key factors in the risk analysis.


The country risk is the economic risks associated with the Country i.e. Canada or generally, any other country where the property is located. It determines that how the economic, social and political conditions will affect the property performance, and what other factors are associated with the country risk. Country risks also determines the value of property overall in the country, the laws that relates to the real estate and all aspects that relates to the economic turmoil. With reference to the law, the country risk is also vital in determining the legalities in buying and selling of the property.


The property wear & tear is dependent on the property maintenance, as well as the age of the property i.e. how old the property is, its actual cost and the wear and tear that it has taken mainly due to the lack of maintenance, and following the quality assurance checks. Mostly the companies in the real estate do the checks with all the checklist that is essential for the property calculations, check its cost determining factors i.e. fixtures and fittings, and how it will grow in future.


The climatic conditions can vary especially in a huge country like Canada where the climate is cold and can be very cold in certain provinces and rural areas of the country. The places where it’s hard to live due to weather conditions are the ones that most determines the value of the property as such places hold the weather hazards, and the population density is low in those places. Due to this reason the value of the property is low, as the Govt. prefers people to move to such provinces and areas. Property prices relies heavily on climatic conditions, as in the urban areas i.e. Cities, the population is more according to the density, and hence the price of the property is in the high range due to the demand.


The property performance analysis is an analysis that determines how and why the value of the property has moved up and down, and what factors have caused this behavior. Sometimes there is an abnormal change in the pricing mainly due to the changing behavior of the investments involved and the risk investment strategies.


The previous year’s evaluations are the calculations of the previous year’s terms i.e. last 5 years or 10 years that determines the future cost or value of the property. The property value is significantly dependent on the previous years because the history and the historical price of the property determines how it will perform in the next few years. The buying price is also a historical price and is generally considered while making fruitful evaluations for the future.


The ‘market forecasting’ factor is somewhat similar to property performance analysis, the only difference comes because what we are determining is for the future, and the future is determined looking at the past performances and making the future forecasts. It can also be termed as speculations i.e. an investment terminology, and determines how the investment will move in the next coming years. The property is taken mainly for the sake of investments and investments are always speculated with the key determining factors involved. As investing in property is a high risk investment as the value is high, and risks can vary due to many reasons, that’s why the decision to buy a property needs an expert advice from the property gurus in the real estate. There is technical knowledge as well that relates with the Market Forecasting, and how forecasts impacts the current price of the property.


Quality assurance is for the maintenance of property according to the Property QA guidelines and ISO standards. These QA procedures determine the property performance, its maintenance checklist for fixtures and fittings, its exterior elements involved and the raw material. All these factors will determine the value of the property and if the property is kept for longer periods, it will also determine how it has been maintained throughout its age.


Commercial Property evaluations differs from private property evaluations as the usage of the property in both cases differ, in commercial the use is for business purposes, and for private investment the usage is more refined, limited and less in value. Commercial property is valued more because of its commercial use i.e. Offices, and govt. property, however, in the private sector the use is limited and absolutely different.


The marketing strategies determine how far a property has been marketed and what value it can hold because of the marketing and advertising factors. Marketing and advertising of property in magazine, newspaper and real time adverts as well as the internet determines how the value will fluctuate, and hence the property evaluations can vary.


The Safety & Security of the Asset i.e. Property (residential or commercial), also holds vital importance even in a Secure and peaceful country like Canada. Here the country risk factor can also be taken into consideration, but safety and security is mainly from risk of intrusions, risk of fire (hazard), risk of terrorist invasion (terrorism), and other associated risks. All the safety risks assessments are taken care of when determining these factors for future property evaluations.


MBE is in the Real estate business since a long time, and its partner stakeholder firm The Royal LePage has been helpful in providing guidance, and all the related things that are needed to have a sustainable partnership, i.e. a partnership of change & trust. We also deal with the legalities of managing the property, as well as merging it with MBE Business/Commercial & Home insurance just for the benefit of our members. The property business in Canada differs a bit from other countries, the properties are highly dependent mainly on the population density, and there are other risks involved as well. The team of experts at The Royal LePage is always there with the best advice in the property business, as we provide useful consultancies regarding the property evaluations and behaviors. We are experts in determining the behavior patterns linked with the property, and speculations for the future. The benefits we provide to the MBBP members are free consultancy and future guidance related to the property, and then variable measures deep into property management. Condor Apartments are an example of the Real Estate residential apartments that MBE Groups deals in, and we are proud to be associated with these apartments. Our efforts in the real estate industry along with Royal LePage shows in the trust of our Clientele especially Condor Apartments.

We are hopeful that in future MBE Real Estate will be making more inroads into the property market in Canada, and our collaboration with the Royal LePage will be stronger and more result oriented. The CEO of MBE Group Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is himself highly acknowledged in the Real Estate business achieving multiple times Brooker of the year award. Real Estate is a very deep & technical field due to its unpredictable nature and the high variances in the property prices. Our focus with MBE Real Estate is to provide the best consultancy to our clients, analyze the client needs properly and guide them to the best available property as according to their demands. We are confident that MBE will be more successful & capable in property management in the future. The field is highly technical and needs more skills with in-depth studies and analysis of all the key variables involved in the Real Estate.

MBE Accounting Service



The provision of accounting services, a mandatory requirement from the law to go ahead with Tax returns, and many other legal and formal proceedings. MBE accounting provides accounting services that are diverse and covers all the main areas of accounting and finance options. The services are as follows;

1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping’, a part of accounting services that covers all the records of the companies and manages The balance sheet, The P&L a/c’s, Income & Expenditure a/c, Cash Flow statements, Common Financial Ratios, and Bank Reconciliations. All these accounts are for managing records, reconciling at the end of year, financial ratio analysis, and the managing budgeted accounts and future budgets.

2. Payroll Service

The ‘Payroll service’, is for the provision of Payrolls i.e. providing Payrolls to the staff, and managing tax deductions, as well as maintenance of a payroll system that shows how payrolls have been allotted, and the complete records of Employees. This also shows their deductions that are according to the laws of Canada.

3. Finance

Everything related to finance or finance options e.g. Mortgage, lease, down payments, and all finance options. We deal in providing and consulting of finance services with the best possible advice.

4. Accounting & Taxation

The accounting & Taxation as according to the laws of Canada is related to all Accounting and Taxation matters. We provide legal advice related to Sales Tax, VAT i.e. Value added Tax, Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax. We also provide consultancy for annual tax fillings, tax returns, and how to calculate taxable income.

6. Financial Forecasting & Budgeting

The financial forecasting and Budgeting are the two key factors that companies need for future controls of their accounting records, determining financial decision making, and planning of key things within the company. ‘Forecasting’ is done for making forecasts for a certain timeline i.e. 5 years period or 10 years or 15 years period. Forecasting always helps businesses move forward, making financial decisions easy, analyzing the performances of key competitors, and many other aspects that relates heavily with the company’s performances and their agendas in the next timeline.

Budgeting is part of the planning and control that helps companies to analyze how to make expenses, making a budget according to current profits, and in-depth analysis of the business life cycle. Another key aspect that helps in attaining the profitability margins, as without budgeting and control it is hard for companies to get their target profits, especially with the small companies. We help in making a planned budget that helps companies attaining their profitability margins especially if they are lagging behind in terms of profit margins.


We also provide entrepreneur and investment consulting for people who want to invest in their own businesses, and are willing to become entrepreneurs i.e. owners of businesses that are successful and earn huge profit margins. We provide consultancies in form of accounting and mathematical calculations, that determine how people may invest in a certain business, and what can be done to make it a sustainable, profit earning business with all the necessary ingredients of developing into a large enterprise.


Entrepreneurship’ is related to owning a company and being a CEO of a company, that starts with a small enterprise, and then turns into a huge company with high profit margins. ‘Entrepreneurship’ is a complete ideology that administers many aspects that relates to the successful running of the company, its legalities, and all the affairs that are highly linked to the upbringing of the company.

Investment consulting’, our team of experts are there to help you with investment consulting that relates primarily to investments and profitability margins. We give advice on the following;


The accounting services are used for financial decision making as they make aware the accountants and financial analysts of a company that how to move ahead with decisions and what are the best corporate decisions that are important for the company to move ahead. The decision making is based on financial records, financial statements, and budgeted statements that are most important in determining the future that relates to decision making.


The role of ratios in financial decision making is detrimental in an environment where Ratio analysis holds utmost importance especially in large multinationals and big companies that have huge assets evolvement involved in their businesses. Examples are;

1. Liquidity Ratio

The liquidity of an organization is the ability to generate cash when needed most, it is determined through current ratio, quick ratio, and networking capital to sales ratio. The current ratio is determined by dividing (current assets) to (current liabilities). The quick ratio is (current assets- inventory)/ current liabilities, and finally networking capital to sales ratio = (current assets – current liabilities)/ sales. The liquidity ratio also helps in decision making when funds generated are limited or when Cash flows doesn’t show a positive outlook. Hence, liquidity is a very key element in ratio analysis.

2. Profitability Ratio

The profitability ratios consists of Gross Profit margin, Net Profit margin and Operating Profit Margin. It is a comparison of components of income with sales. All the three are the analysis of income upon sales, as income varies with every ratio i.e. = Gross profit margin = Gross income/sales, Operating Profit margin = Operating income/sales, and finally N.P Margin = Net income / Sales.

The variable income demonstrates the company’s performance in terms of profitability for Gross income, net income, and operating income. This ratio i.e. Profitability ratio in these three variables helps in determining the profitability of the company w.r.t its expenses.

3. Activity Ratios

The activity ratios determines the how effectively the company is putting its investment to work and how well their assets are used and utilized. Higher turnover means effective use of benefits for its investment in assets. A lower turnover means the company is not using its assets to maximum benefits, and they need more utilization of resources for better ratio. The analysis is for the assets utilization determining the activity level, hence known as the activity ratios. 

All these four are turnover ratios with different measurements. All determine the utilization of resources in terms of inventory, accounts receivable, total assets and fixed assets.

Hence we can determine from all these ratios how financial decision making is done by financial analyst to determine the performance of the company in terms of variable finances. Ratio analysis is used worldwide by accountants to determine the performance of a company in terms of profitability, and other key factors that are important for finding out the performance of companies. For in-depth performance activities we need to set benchmarks and highlight them while making evaluations of performances. Decision making for companies is important in finding the aspects that relates to how decisions need to be made, and the outcome of those decisions on the future.


We at MBE Accounting are here to deliver the best customer services in terms of accounting and tax services to our most trusted clients. When it comes to accounting and taxation, the level of interests are high, as well as the trust level with the company must be higher, and at optimum levels. What matters is that accounting services from MBE gives a client an accurate picture in terms of its finances, the assets and how assets are being used. MBE accounting is aware of the consultancy needs of its clients, what is the best advice? Something that gives satisfaction and results in the future. It’s a completely result oriented economy and while operating in Canada, as a consultancy, the past record matters the most. Also what matters is the clientele that has been developed through proper channel, and what the company does daily to improve and retain its clientele.

It’s not something that relates to smart deliverables in terms of services, what matters is the consistency level of services that is delivered effectively and efficiently

MBBP Members avail guaranteed 20% discount for themselves and their immediate family on all accounting services. Free PTR for themselves and their spouse.
MB ACCOUNTING is a certified chartered accounting firm providing excellent services for more than 5 years in all accounting fields including Audit, Book-Keeping, Incorporation, CRA Returns, HST, T1, T2, T4, T4A & T5 Filling, Review Engagements, NTR, Bank Loan Purpose Feasibility Reports etc.
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MBE POS Solution


MBE POS solutions are Debit/Credit card machines for POS or Point of Sale systems. These machines are used for the secure payment systems by the retailers and creates a secure payment system in the modern business and transaction environment. A complete transaction system that allows billings of payments securely, and timeliness creating a bonding between the customers and the retailers.

We use conventional machines for our clients e.g. Wireless machines, Bluetooth machines, and Desktop machines. Wireless machines are mainly for customers/clients whose work environment is mobile i.e. Taxi drivers, coffee shops and they are operational on 3G sim and internet connectivity. The Bluetooth machines are used in store retailers mainly for short range and convenience stores, and creates an easy environment of transaction processing. The widely used and cheapest ones are desktop machines, they are for the retail environment including busy business environments where connectivity must be there 24/7. We have a wide variety of machines, up-to date machines and multiple providers. MSP or merchant service providers are there for the retailer needs. They need a middle man, and we provide technical support and convenience of use for the retail environment.


The member’s exclusive offers that are provided by MBE POS are current billing, processors, free consultation options (Better options on offer), convenience, preferred and exclusive pricing.

The main aim is to provide effective pricing and safe mode of payments for our most exclusive members. The best in-store services available and provision of a POS environment i.e. a highly intelligent environment the retailers and customers. It not only creates and environment of trust and good relationship between the members, but also enables payment safety that is the new age phenomenon. The retailers must have the debit/credit card machines with them for fast and approved transaction system to take place on a daily basis.



A hole in the wall, a mobile bank, or a Cash Link, whatever you name it, ATMs were the first step towards modern banking systems, and E-Banking. If you are in need of emergency cash, want to check your balance, or check a transaction that you expecting from someone, you won’t be disappointed to have the right treatment for your needs. Banking and finance these days is highly dependent on IT, Software, and e-commerce. The hour of the need was instant and safe cash management, and ATMs were precisely the right answer.

MBE has over 10,000 ATMs in Canada in various cities, especially in Toronto, and it has improved over the years catering the variable needs of the clients. Client management is something that has been taken care of through MBE ATMs, covering many things, and giving reasonable benefits and provisions to its clients. An increase in foot traffic, helps in generating extra income for the clients, as well as self-serve cash loading program benefits in a huge way when you load cash in your ATMs for customer usage. On top of that, MBE ATMs gives surcharge profits that are being paid on the 20th of every month, as client don’t have to worry about profitability, they just need to deliver good customer service to their loyal customers. MBE ATMs have always been a step ahead in covering mega events with their mobile ATM machines. Also been successful in achieving dynamics in Cash management programs, as MBE gives automatic deposits to their clients every 24 hours. If you are an ISO, i.e. Independent sales organization, you don’t need to worry about serviced machines that are being installed with a commission sharing agreement.

Holds a great future in the E-banking and E-commerce industry, as MBE just need to have intense focus with their clientele. The clientele must increase as MBE should target mega companies to provide excellent services, and earn huge profit margins. Its profitability we are looking forward at, and MBE has proved in the past that their ATMs are the future in Cash Management.

Improvements must be made in 24/7 service delivery, IT/Software working at all times, Quality assurance needed at the client side, and finally and most importantly the security and Data Protection. Thinking from the client perspective have always helped MBE grow in various businesses, and same is the case for ATMs where we just need to be ahead of the client needs. Reliability and integrity of services needs to be improved and monitored by MBE employees and engineers. We just need to be a step ahead in terms of our client needs.

Choice Hotels



Choice Hotels international are a group of hotels in Canada, which originated from the United States all over the world and is a Multinational chain of Hotels. With RMA/MBBP we give discounts in the hospitality and hotel industry that is up to 20% discount on hotel reservations, with more than 325 hotels in Canada and 6,300 hotels internationally. The hotels are either from the Choice Hotels international or affiliated hotels. The RMA/MBBP members are the ones who get benefits from Choice Hotels through advanced bookings and enjoy the member’s advantage on various hotels.


It holds immense benefits to customers as the customers have a freedom on the choice of Hotel, the room they want to select & the Package they are looking for. This control over the Choice of client/customers is the main reason the Hotels are named as Choice Hotels international. The freedom that is enjoyed by the customers to be responsible for their choices makes them free and totally in authority of their choice, as at the end of the day it’s the customers that are the key in the hospitality industry. Your Choice will make you satisfied for your future, but you will also gather big advantages from the industry stakeholders.  

The Client sees & compares the actual rates as well as the discounted member price to find the best package as per his convenience.

All they need to do is access the portal, select their choice of hotels and rooms, as well as the package, and avail the discounts that are available, but can vary according to the hotel and different packages.


An interesting debate that needs to be answered, what matters in the hospitality industry? It is a question that exhibits huge prospects for many stakeholders that are deeply involved with people in the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry what matters is the Client/customer satisfaction, and how far is the customer satisfied with the performance of the Hotel.

We are deeply concerned with the KPIs i.e. Key performance indicators that demonstrates the satisfaction levels of the customers. Pricing is one of the key factors that is linked with customer satisfaction and the pricing strategies vary according to the Hotel. Discounts on reservations, and on bookings is also essential for the customer satisfaction aspects linked with the hospitality industry, as in the hospitality industry there is deep involvement of increase in the pricing, as Hotels are always improving their standards every day, and affordability is highly affected because of such measures.

Choice Hotels is an international group that operates worldwide and has a huge market presence according to the statistics of the Hotel industry. It has one of the most effective pricing strategies with a high discounted price that is very responsible for the pricing mechanism. The Choice hotels international realizes the importance of effective pricing because of the growing needs in the hospitality industry and everyday increase in the clientele. It also gives group discounts and discounts are always available for regular members i.e. those who are regular client of Choice Hotels international.

The discounts are either directly for Choice Hotels or affiliated Hotels that are affiliated with Choice Hotels, however, the discounts are the same and are through RMA/MBBP. They are in form of exclusive offers for the members, in other words, some extra days for the members to reap the benefits of Choice Hotels international.


It works through portal of Choice Hotels, the client options are more than one, and it is according to their convenience and their needs. The website provides all the relevant information for the Choice Hotels discounts, and these offers help them sustain the hospitality advantages, on tours, official assignments, and tourism and hospitality industry and for the sake of promoting the tourism industry.  

You can also call the Toll free number & mention the unique membership number, and quote the client ID this is valid for members only, as it is a member’s only discount. After providing all the relevant information, the customer service shall give the discount to the members, after asking them their choice of hotel, the room they would like, and the package or deal they want to go ahead with. On call the customers shall be more satisfied as they will talk through what they want, and there is nothing that will make them Un-satisfied or Un-happy on their presence in the hotel.


Choice Hotels has one of the best websites that has a huge internet presence, and includes all the information for the choice of Hotel needed, access to rooms and packages, and availability options. Link: https://www.choicehotels.ca/?chooseSrp=true The customer service forwards this link to the client for self-reservation, bookings, and making all the choices for themselves, and also quoting the client ID and availing the on spot discounts. All payments are made through credit or debit cards, and payments are authorized by the website through an authenticated payment option. The website also has linking i.e. you can get to the website indirectly as well, just have to be aware of how to avail the offers on a certain hotel, and the package you like.


There are many discounts that are available online in the hospitality industry looking at the volume of sales every day. The Choice Hotels discounts are a move towards the betterment and accomplishment of people’s associations linked with the hospitality industry/ Hotel industry. What customer need is trust in the service, and old and trusted customers are always looking for big discounts and offers that are at least a step forward for the associated people in the industry.

It is also a promotional strategy or a step that improves the tourism internationally and in Canada. The pricing of packages involves deep considerations for the economy class and the highly privileged class. The privilege class are the most that benefits from discounts in the hospitality industry as they are the most that attain the hospitality industry features and various measures.

 RMA/MBBP’s role in providing benefits to member is also because they are into so many benefits, the customers are common as MBBP/RMA has a wide array of variable benefits in their list. The common benefits platform is also because if members are business owners they can avail multiple benefits just from being a member of RMA/MBBP. The partnership with The Royal merchants association is a partnership of benefit, trust, monitoring of the benefits and making sure that the customer is getting the best value for their investment. Invest in the RMA/MBBP through Choice Hotels, and be part of the ongoing variety of benefits that are the ingredient of huge success for the loyal customers in the hospitality arena.

Book a Room Client (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)

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The discount can be accessed through your Corporate ID with our 3 easy booking channels:

• On the Choicehotels.com website through your corporate ID : 00235600 (direct URL: http://www.choicehotels.com/?clientid=00235600)
• On the Choice Hotels mobile application through your corp ID : 00235600
• By phone at 1+800-424-6423 giving the agent your corp ID : 00235600
It is important that the stays are booked on one of these 3 booking channels and NOT by calling the hotels directly.

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Auto Insurance

An auto insurance is similar to Home Insurance, it is a necessity when buying a vehicle. It is a cover for anything that can happen to the vehicle on the roads. MBE insurance provides free consultancy and benefits associated with the Auto insurance, according to the laws of Canada. The car has to be insured just like tested for Quality assurance, and can’t be on the roads unless it is fully insured for accident cover.

The key stats. That matters and need to be registered with the Vehicle are;

The premium is dependent on all the above stats. And is a term period is also decided for the cover according to the Current policy information.


The difference in insurance is similarly like Home insurance i.e. Commercial and private vehicles. For Private vehicles the insurances are different as the use is not for commercial or business purposes. The following are the vehicles for Business or commercial category;



 The insurance differs for both the above categories as we have discussed earlier, however, it also matters the purpose of purchasing vehicles, and other such reasons.


The factors that determines an Auto insurance in terms of its price, and other aspects are as follows;

All these factors are the key factors that determine the Auto insurance value and the treatment of insurance and the companies


The amount of driving experience is the factor that determines the insurance value and tells volumes about the experience of drivers and how much they are prone for injuries and accidents. Also reveals key stats in terms of the driving speed, the knowledge and how mature he is to follow the laws. It is the insurance companies that recommend certain coverage for particular drivers, and that heavily depends on their experience of driving. If for e.g. there is a teen driver at home, it is better to have good personal liability coverage, as new drivers are more prone to make mistakes. The rates to cover small age or teen drivers will be automatically be higher as they are inexperienced and lack the driving potential than that of experienced drivers. The disadvantage associated with experienced drivers are that the insurance companies monitors their past records, e.g. moving violations or accidents and insurance premiums can be higher in case of such things i.e. known most commonly as mistakes or blunders.


The driving record, is different from the amount of driving experience, and it is all the record in detail i.e. License records, any points on license if any, and record of all activities. There can be similarities in driving record, and amount of driving experience, but there are differences as well. All details are kept in mind for the insurance companies before making a decision for the premium.


The strict adherence to the traffic rules and regulations is strictly needed as in Canada the laws are strict for the sake of insurance premium purposes. Following the laws is also a good practice, and part and parcel of the social responsibility that is associated with the citizens of Canada.


The clearance needed from the Traffic police is an integral clearance that is needed for the sole purpose of following the laws and making sure all the records are safe and free from any police record activity that can lay a negative impact on the driver’s license and hence insurance premiums.


The age of driver matters in insurance premium. For new drivers or teen drivers the premium is higher as they can make more mistakes as compared to experienced drivers.


One of the factors that determine the Auto insurance i.e. Location or place of residence.


Another factor that determines the Insurance of vehicle i.e. Type of Vehicle, and make. For e.g. Toyota, Honda, BMW, the insurance matter according to the value of vehicle, its engine size and its type e.g. Motor Vehicle.


The date of last purchase another key characteristic that is determined as a factor for determining the Insurance.


How old the Vehicle is, was it bought New, or used. All these things determine the insurance aspects associated with the vehicle.


The mileage of Vehicle another factor in determining the insurance premium of the vehicle.


The bottom line is that to find an auto insurer research must be proper and find out the best deal according to the key statistics. A reliable auto insurance coverage an important element of auto ownership, as everything relies quiet heavily on auto insurance in Canada. One has to be a smart buyer with in-depth research, and taking a considerably good package that suits the budget as well as all coverage needs.

Coupon Redemption

AN OVERVIEW OF CRS (Coupon Redemption Service)

Coupon Redemption Service is kind of a marketing program (promotion strategy) for retailers, and it is a business oriented service. The retail stakeholder is RMA i.e. Retail Merchants Association, and it is a service for anyone with a retail business e.g. convenient stores, pharma stores, all kind of general stores, & off licenses enrolled with us (RMA/MBBP) when accepting the coupons. 

Similar to different marketing strategies that are used in the retail environment for promotion and marketing of products e.g. buy one get one free, a very common marketing strategy. CRS is one of a marketing strategy used in Canada for the retailers. It is a Coupon based marketing program, and it creates an environment of trust between the retailers and the service providers i.e. RMA/MBBP. RMA or Retail Merchants Association plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of the Coupon Redemption service, as profits are generated through the handling amount/charges. Also saves cash handling for the retailers, and profits are generated smoothly every month, once the coupon are redeemed and its value is paid to the retailers.


It works in a very simple way, as it is the task of manufacturers to make sure that coupons floats into the general public either through magazine, newspaper, Mall, or through marketing material like pamphlets. Once it is with the general public they will go to the retailers for redemption of the coupons, the retailers will accept it only if they are registered to accept coupons, they will send it to the service provider i.e. RMA/MBBP, and we will send it to the manufacturer e.g. Mountain Dew (a drinking product). The manufacturer will than send the amount of the purchase to the retailer, as well as the retailer will get profit from handling of the coupon. The handling amount is distributed between the retailers and the service providers.

The retailers will also get permanent customers, their customers will improve, and they will have more profitability than regular sales. It can also be termed as something different from regular sales, as it is a marketing strategy as well to promote products as well as increasing the foot traffic. The boost in foot traffic is directly proportional to the increase in sales. Foot traffic is a vital element in understanding the profits from coupons, and once the flow is active a Coupon life cycle is in flow.

The handling allowance due to this rotation is given by the manufacturer as the retailer’s interest is generated with the manufacturer and they are taking benefits just by registering with MBBP/RMA website and accepting the coupons.

Coupons can be for any product i.e. Pharma products, shampoos, beauty products, shaving products, and some products related to electronics & electricals. The constant circulation of Coupon in the Coupon program will give the handling allowance on face value. There are big chain of companies whose coupons RMA/MBBP deals in, and the main point of interaction here are not the customers, but the retailers. These retailers are convenience stores, general off incenses, and other small retailers who have a consistent customer base, and want their sales to boost.


The retailers just need to download the form from the RMA website in order to get registered, and they will send it to the service providers. They will then be registered to accept coupons from the customers & hence will be earning profits based on the coupon handling and the quantity of coupons coming in to the retailers. The form just includes basic information regarding the store location, the signature of retailer, and mentioning the number of stores, and other important information listed in the form. Once the form gets to us (MBBP/RMA) we will enroll the retailer to receive coupons, and get profits on their sales volume, as it is a boost in sales due to increase in foot traffic.

Coupon redemption service, a famous service for retailers, & customers as profitability is something everyone wants to attain in the retail business. The role of retail stores is to just get enrolled with the program, accept the coupons, and move ahead every time the coupons get to the retailers for redemption.

For copy of coupon redemption guidelines and coupon redemption service agreement, please click on links below

Coupon redemption service agreement
Coupon redemption shipping guidelines