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Avis is a Car rental service with a global presence, and shares the same parent company as Budget. Originated from the United States, the parent organization is Avis Budget Group, and holds a huge presence globally. In terms of luxury Avis is more luxurious as compared to Budget, and the cars are more luxurious and more advanced as compared to Budget. Although, the parent organization is the same, but Avis is more for people who can afford luxury cars, and mostly the cars are SUVs and Automatic cars.


One of the most prominent services that AVIS gives includes Pick up and drop off, i.e. Airport services, and client safety and security, as well as other satisfaction levels are guaranteed. The services are worldwide, and all the bookings can be placed and managed online, with time changing facility available as well. Avis has a highly manageable Website that is used for self-managing what the client needs, and how they can monitor the activity during all the car rentals. 

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective that Avis has achieved over the years and the focus has been time, customer demands, pricing efficiency and managing customer complaints. It is mandatory in a Car rental service that Customer or Client is always satisfied and never feels discomfort, or insecure.

Avis has always made sure that the quality of cars provided are Top Class and well maintained luxury vehicles, with all the provisions of modern day technology, and comfort. Quality assurance has been the key in Rental services, and Avis has high demands worldwide. The parent organization Avis Budget Group is a distinct Group in providing car rental services, dealing in all types of vehicles, luxurious as well as economical. Avis has got the backing of their parent organization, a company that has not only been a symbol for the upcoming companies in the Rental industry, but also maintained high standards in overcoming the challenges associated with the rental industry. Avis is always there for you if you need a luxurious car for wedding, a party, a birthday event, attending a seminar, or a conference, or if you are abroad, and need a luxurious vehicle that compliments your personality, your richness and your high caliber demands. Avis has always made sure that the customers never feel disappointed and insecure, as well as they know how important it is to have a luxurious car with you when most needed.


There are innumerable challenges that still come all of a sudden in Car rental industry, as the business has grown significantly with high number of clients as well as investors. Although, all the vehicles are standardized and 100% safe, and insurance is also there, still there are safety concerns because of risk of customer’s life, and risk of vehicle. The risks defined and discussed in detail are as follows;


On the RMA website a micro link shall be shared that will direct to the AVIS website. This can only be done through RMA/MBBP website, if the discounts needs to be attained. A Promo code will appear automatically and that will help in the booking on discounted rates.

This is how the execution of discounts shall take place effectively, and hence making it a desirable procedure for the purpose of business value to Avis clients. As we have many partners associated for taking benefits from us, Avis customers are yet another common members of the family. The retail merchants association is an association that is highly capable of making sure customer demands and customer service integration is highly attained for attaining the future targets.


Avis international, the child company of Avis Budget Group, has been phenomenal performance wise, and high efficiency service integration. It is due to being the child company of Avis Budget Group that Avis has achieved so many customers worldwide, as so much success in terms of the rental services. As Avis Budget Group has been dealing in diverse services and requirements it has highly monitored the quality management associated with the company Avis.

Car rental, a very challenging industry due to high number of risks associated, and in this type of a business it is vital to integrate services and be efficient to fulfill client needs and high demands. With RMA/MBBP & Avis, the partnership has been a success, and has moved forward in terms of pricing and discounts for customers. For members of RMA/MBBP Avis has been a compliment as well as a drive to fulfill the high demands of the members worldwide especially in Canada. What’s important is what members feel about Avis, and how far it can go to accomplish risk assessments for its clients. The efforts although in the industry cannot be overshadowed even by the best of competitors.

5% – 25% discount on car rental facility worldwide including Airport pick up and many more other services. Total control on your fingertips via Avis Mobile App. Earn and redeem reward points on Avis Preferred and Preferred Plus on every dollar spent.

Contact: adelina gregiou (Reigonal manager)
Number: 514-633-7483
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