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CLOUDI BOOST / The Communication Solution

CLOUDI BOOST / The Communication Solution

We assist companies of all sizes in improving communication without compromising the security, consistency, or productivity.


All businesses, regardless of size or industry, require safe, dependable, and effective corporate communication solutions. In this situation, Cloudli is useful. You may improve and digitally revolutionize how your company communicates with help of Cloudli.


Get the phone plan… with the phones. No risk, no contract, no equipment cost.

$25 Per User or Less

> Free Desk Phone
> No Contracts.
> No Equipment Costs.
> Set up in 10 minutes.
> Unlimited Calling in CAN & USA1
> Unlimited Business SMS in CAN & USA1
> Auto-Attendant
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> Free Desk Phone & Reception Phone


Home/Auto Insurance


*) Expert care with Multi Risk Insurance

*) 10% discount on pricing

*) Any outstanding claims – will guarantee coverage

*) Brokerage will shop around for best and most efficient deal possible

*) Broker deals with any and all insurance companies to offer you multiple options for coverage

*) With RMA/MBBP membership, your will be free. No charge


Mortgage / Business Loans


*) Any credit or income issues – your loan will be approved.

*) In house broker – guarantees best rate and free consultation.

*) We will arrange financing for loans.

*) Any type of business loan – either start up or existing.

*) in house financial planner will offer free consultation on how to manage your finances with CPA Supervision.


Real Estate

Real Estate

*) One window operation: Assisting clients with our supportive team in arranging financing, Legal support, Home inspections, Appraisals.

*) VIP Platinum Brokers for most of the Pre-construction Projects. Bringing $1000’s of benefits to clients.

*) Experienced team of Realtors from different backgrounds.

*) Team work with all clients and Projects.

*) 17 Years of experience.

Canadian Corporate Legal Services

Canadian Corporate Legal Services


The collection services Canada is a company that deals in debt collection, loan adjustments, account recoveries, and consultancy services.

 The services they precisely deals in are; collection & debt recovery, debt collector services, account receivable, assistance consultation, credit counselling, mediation and negotiation, and personal injury issues. Your money is precious to you for your sustainability and the sustainability of your business affairs. If you are having a huge loan and having difficulty paying off the loan, Collection services Canada will definitely help you pay off by giving you an alternative plans. As circumstances can vary between a loans, we are there to help you regards to your personal loan issues and give you consultancy as to what is the best for you in future. Collection services Canada also provides credit counselling services in addition to the loan recovery programs to maintain good credit for future loan options and mortgage options.

We also help in collections from customers who have not paid you since a long time and their dues are bothering your business. The collection services Canada is a legal company and has all the rights to take anybody who is legitimately owing money to the courts.       

Collection services Canada is open to members from RMA/Canada with discounts and offers through the membership card. The company provides discounted prices to members, free consultancy to members and all kind of advices on how to reduce the percentage on loans and how to be loan free? We also deal in personal injury issues and compensations from the Govt. if a client had an accident in the past and is looking for personal injury claims and compensations.

In the past we have excelled in Debt recovery services as we help clients with money that they have been owing from their debtors in the past. Member’s discounts can vary from one service to another.

Bluesun Solar

The company BlueSun Solar has a rich experience of 30 years providing combined solar industry experience. The company is highly trained to deliver quality and work only high quality products. This is primarily to maximize the system power and durability. BlueSun Solar uses the global expertise to the benefit of their clients. On top of the other benefits associated with BlueSun, the company also gives a guarantee of 25 years of warranty for the sake of client’s comfort. The company is saturated with operations in two continents i.e. North America and Europe. In North America, BlueSun Solar is operational in USA, Canada and Mexico, and is one of the top Solar systems providing companies in the continent. In Europe continent, the company has its presence in Turkey, in the capital Ankara. BlueSun has been dealing in three kinds of solar plans i.e. residential solar systems, commercial solar systems, Utility Scale Solar Systems.


The experience speaks itself as BlueSun Solar has a rich experience of 30 years in two continents i.e. North America and Europe with 148000 panels installed, 48 MW of electricity provided and a saving for customers of up to $ 76220000. These are stats that speaks volumes for the company BlueSun solar with respect to their presence in the industry and serving its customers since last 30 years.

The company also provides free initial consultation on savings and what’s best solution for a client for solar panels installations.

The member’s benefits are huge in terms of the savings and MBBP/RMA member’s free consultations for Solar panel installation in commercial and residential property. The RMA/MBBP card is of great value to attain discounts that are comparatively high in terms of the associated benefits. The member’s discounts are readily available in our service offerings in Engineering, Permitting, Procurement, & Installation. This is applicable on commercial and residential property both.

Budget | Car Rental



Budget has a straight and simple operational strategy to provide services and Vehicles on rent and give the best to their customers in terms of Services. In the services industry it’s important to focus on Client needs and be responsive to what they want and how they need it. In a result oriented economy like Canada and States, the maintenance of the Services Industry is the key objective that will influence all the stakeholders including the Rental Company.’ Budget’ has proved its mettle in the Rental business where there are many problems, including car wear and tear, and the rental companies’ competition in the similar industry. Mostly, there are operational issues and strategy issues, as going up and expanding at a global medium is a very difficult thing to attain, and Budget has been detrimental in achieving their targets.


Budget has maintained its Global outreach while originating from the United States, and hence moving to Canada and in some other countries. The international exposure that has helped them move forward, and made them industry giants is something that is overwhelming and deserves lots of praise. The linking with RMA/MBBP is something that has helped MBBP reach its global goals, as ‘Budget’ being their Benefit stakeholder has helped clients in achieving what they need in terms of benefits.


Attaining client satisfaction is the frontline goal in the Car Rental industry. As in the services industry, client satisfaction factors will help in the smooth running of the business and the Car. It is a saying “When the Car is with the Client, Don’t worry for the Car, worry for the Client”. This is something that determines the factor of client satisfaction and also brings improvement in service deliverables. Services industry becomes a phenomenon when we get the best output or response from the company, and all the stakeholders involved with the company. WHY WE NEED CLIENT SATISFACTION?

A question that we as a business owner must ask our self, I think the answer is very simple we drive the business for Profits, and profits are attained from our ‘Clientele’. The more the clientele the more you will feel satisfied for your business goals. As the name suggests, Budget, wants their customer to stay in Budget, and in line with their travelling’s.


The safety, insurance and security with the Car rentals is the assurance of the Car and its handling to be made 100% in line with the initial agreement. There are many things that can happen with the Car, as when the car is on the highway, it is highly prone to accidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. ‘Assurance’ is to assure something with money, or commodities, etc., insurance similarly is the assurance of a certain risk that can happen and how it shall be encountered.  This is merely a reason ‘Rent a Car’ is not a simple business, it has got its complexities and will remain as one of the most risk taking businesses, especially in States and Canada, the two countries with high fatalities on the roads.


The execution of Discounts is similar as of Avis and the nature of discounts are also similar but variable in terms of pricing. A link is shared on the RMA/MBBP website, and the members need to go to the link, they are than forwarded to ‘Benefits’ website and hence, a promo code is generated and discounts can be availed.  Discounts are price dependent as the pricing is economical as well as convenient for the customers.


The parent company Avis Budget Group is the same parent company as of Avis Car rental. Avis Budget Group has been something of an umbrella when it comes to Budget sales, and pricing strategies. It has also protected similar interests in the Car rental industry and helped the company ‘Budget’ compete with similar scale competitors & stakeholders.


Budget has made a huge impact in the Car rental business, as it is an economical and convenient option for its customers/clients. The pricing strategy is developed for the convenience of customers, people who are looking for economical options to attain their needs. As the parent company for Avis and Budget has been same, the competition measures are fruitful, but the target market differs. Can rental industry challenges are truly immense if we speak with a global perspective, but Budget has done whatever it can to reach the optimum level. When the pricing is economical the market is wide scope, and budget has done enough to compete in the markets.

Avis | Car Rental



Avis is a Car rental service with a global presence, and shares the same parent company as Budget. Originated from the United States, the parent organization is Avis Budget Group, and holds a huge presence globally. In terms of luxury Avis is more luxurious as compared to Budget, and the cars are more luxurious and more advanced as compared to Budget. Although, the parent organization is the same, but Avis is more for people who can afford luxury cars, and mostly the cars are SUVs and Automatic cars.


One of the most prominent services that AVIS gives includes Pick up and drop off, i.e. Airport services, and client safety and security, as well as other satisfaction levels are guaranteed. The services are worldwide, and all the bookings can be placed and managed online, with time changing facility available as well. Avis has a highly manageable Website that is used for self-managing what the client needs, and how they can monitor the activity during all the car rentals. 

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective that Avis has achieved over the years and the focus has been time, customer demands, pricing efficiency and managing customer complaints. It is mandatory in a Car rental service that Customer or Client is always satisfied and never feels discomfort, or insecure.

Avis has always made sure that the quality of cars provided are Top Class and well maintained luxury vehicles, with all the provisions of modern day technology, and comfort. Quality assurance has been the key in Rental services, and Avis has high demands worldwide. The parent organization Avis Budget Group is a distinct Group in providing car rental services, dealing in all types of vehicles, luxurious as well as economical. Avis has got the backing of their parent organization, a company that has not only been a symbol for the upcoming companies in the Rental industry, but also maintained high standards in overcoming the challenges associated with the rental industry. Avis is always there for you if you need a luxurious car for wedding, a party, a birthday event, attending a seminar, or a conference, or if you are abroad, and need a luxurious vehicle that compliments your personality, your richness and your high caliber demands. Avis has always made sure that the customers never feel disappointed and insecure, as well as they know how important it is to have a luxurious car with you when most needed.


There are innumerable challenges that still come all of a sudden in Car rental industry, as the business has grown significantly with high number of clients as well as investors. Although, all the vehicles are standardized and 100% safe, and insurance is also there, still there are safety concerns because of risk of customer’s life, and risk of vehicle. The risks defined and discussed in detail are as follows;


On the RMA website a micro link shall be shared that will direct to the AVIS website. This can only be done through RMA/MBBP website, if the discounts needs to be attained. A Promo code will appear automatically and that will help in the booking on discounted rates.

This is how the execution of discounts shall take place effectively, and hence making it a desirable procedure for the purpose of business value to Avis clients. As we have many partners associated for taking benefits from us, Avis customers are yet another common members of the family. The retail merchants association is an association that is highly capable of making sure customer demands and customer service integration is highly attained for attaining the future targets.


Avis international, the child company of Avis Budget Group, has been phenomenal performance wise, and high efficiency service integration. It is due to being the child company of Avis Budget Group that Avis has achieved so many customers worldwide, as so much success in terms of the rental services. As Avis Budget Group has been dealing in diverse services and requirements it has highly monitored the quality management associated with the company Avis.

Car rental, a very challenging industry due to high number of risks associated, and in this type of a business it is vital to integrate services and be efficient to fulfill client needs and high demands. With RMA/MBBP & Avis, the partnership has been a success, and has moved forward in terms of pricing and discounts for customers. For members of RMA/MBBP Avis has been a compliment as well as a drive to fulfill the high demands of the members worldwide especially in Canada. What’s important is what members feel about Avis, and how far it can go to accomplish risk assessments for its clients. The efforts although in the industry cannot be overshadowed even by the best of competitors.

5% – 25% discount on car rental facility worldwide including Airport pick up and many more other services. Total control on your fingertips via Avis Mobile App. Earn and redeem reward points on Avis Preferred and Preferred Plus on every dollar spent.

Contact: adelina gregiou (Reigonal manager)
Number: 514-633-7483
Email: adelina.gregoriou