The Mansoor Naqvi Team & The Royal LePage is a company that deals in Real Estate. We deal in buying & selling property, property management, evaluations, forecasting, and all consultancy matters related to Real estate.

Property Management

We take care of your property, from buying, maintenance, looking after, and quality assurance to all the matters that relate to the property.

Property Evaluations

We help you evaluate your property’s real value based on market demand. And our surveyors are trained to do the best evaluation, considering the calculations, the wear and tear & the economic conditions.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment involves identifying and evaluating potential risks of owning or managing real estate.

These risks may include physical risks, such as property damage or loss due to natural disasters, and financial risks, such as property devaluation or defaulting on mortgage payments.

Market Forecasting

Market forecasting in real estate refers to predicting future trends and developments in the real estate market.

It involves analyzing factors such as economic indicators, population growth, demographic changes, zoning regulations, and interest rates to identify potential changes in supply and demand for real estate properties.

Perks For The Member Of RMA/MBBP

RMA members working with the Royal LePage Mansoor Naqvi team receive personalized service and access to a wealth of real estate expertise and experience. The team offers comprehensive property evaluations, access to the latest market data and insights, and tailored marketing strategies to help RMA members reach their property investment goals.

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