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MBE ATM is a prominent placement solutions company operating all over Canada with an impressive fleet of upto 700 machines. The company has recently rebranded under the name Cash Wave, intending to provide the most reliable services to its customers while increasing its revenue and making business more appealing. The company is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and boosting its revenues.


MBE ATM provides ATM rental services to businesses that do not want to invest in purchasing the machines. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to offer ATM services to their customers without the commitment of purchasing the machines.


For businesses that prefer to own ATMs, MBE ATM offers a range of options for purchasing high-quality and reliable machines. This allows businesses full control over the ATMs and customizes the machines to their needs.


MBE ATM offers placement services to businesses looking to install ATMs at their locations. The company's team of experts will assess the location, recommend the best placement options, and install the machines with minimal disruption to the business.

Placement Modes

We offer service and maintenance with both placement modes i.e. full and partial and the right to claim full surcharge on maintaining the cash.


MBE ATM provides regular maintenance services to ensure the machines are always in optimal condition. This includes preventative maintenance, repair services, and software updates to keep the machines running smoothly and efficiently.

Cash Management

We offer cash management services in ATM cash replenishment, CIT, retail cash management or doorstep banking, complete line maintenance, cash processing, and vaulting services.

Transaction Processing

You can rely on us for your financial institution’s ATM transaction processing, providing transaction processing services along with our on-premise, off-premise and retail ATMs.

Equipment Supplies

The company supplies high-quality ATM equipment, including paper rolls, printer ribbons, and other supplies, to ensure that the machines are always in optimal condition.


There is an option of using a standard phone line as it costs less than having to pay for a dedicated standard phone line.


Our free placement program is based on eligibility, if your location passes the site survey. Apply for a free ATM placement with 24/7 Support and Service and increase traffic to your site without paying anything!

Number of Transactions

Over 20 Million


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