Esso Gas Discount

ESSO, is one of the largest networks for fuel and gasoline. Discount of  3.5 Cents per liter for fuel available for those who are members of RMA/MBBP and are enrolled in the Esso  fuel program. The discount covers  all ESSO fuel purchases in  Canada. The card can be used at all participating  Esso subsidiaries in the USA but the discount will not apply. The discount  is available through the use of the Esso business card.

The card usage is administered as well by the account holder.  Usage can be seen, i.e. where the transaction happened, all details that are related, in form of reports and transaction summary. Easy to use management tools, easy access to online portals. It is so much more than a management tool than a discount tool. 24/7 Customer service.  Shows summary of all purchase activity, all reporting with Vehicle reporting as well. Collect President Choice  points with each purchase as well.

Esso Business Card

With the end of Esso Extra card program, Esso has partnered with Loblaw’s where you can now swipe your President’s Choice Optimum Card at the pump (replacing the Esso extra card) and receive points on your fuel purchases that can be used at any participating Loblaw’s store or affiliated banners.

For copy of Esso application for either individual application or business application, please click on either link below:

Individual application
Business application

In both, online or conservative way it takes up to 7 to 10 days usually to approve application.
*Client should be informed that his credit score will be checked in order to approve his application since Esso does not ask for any deposit amount, otherwise application will be declined.

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