The Cineplex are the most loved cinemas in Canada, and enjoys a huge share as compared to other cinemas. With MBBP benefits, there are plenty of discounts and coupons redemption that will give discounts for regular customers. A loyalty scheme that creates a long term relationship of consumers with Cineplex and MBBP.
Cineplex coupons are the 2nd most selling product in terms of benefits for MBBP. It is according to the client needs who are always interested in the entertainment industry, Cineplex give the customers discounts that are useful in terms of small payments and bulk buying. We give coupons to the clients that are redeemable every time they visit, and one coupon is considered as one ticket. A coupon has no expiry date, and unlike a ticket it is the best and shortest possible way to redeem the benefits instantly. It is not movie specific, cinema specific, time or date specific, and hence every time it will be used the customer will get discounts for the coupon.
The discounts are fixed per ticket and Cineplex users can buy as many coupons as they want , as coupons don’t have an expiry date and buying in bulk,, they can use as many times as they want until the stock finishes.
The offer is good for people who are regular movie attendees, and are active with family for weekend or weekdays shows, whenever they feel interested. A coupon makes them relax in terms of immediate buying or any other mandatory requirement doesn’t apply.
Other packages in Cineplex are family benefits especially for kids. The child adventure benefit includes Kids tray which is there with us in $12, original price $16.95 i.e. $4.95 discount. The great escape plan which is originally priced at $43.69, with Savings from MBBP benefits card will be available at $14.24 discount. All these offers are for the family, and are availed with family discounts, especially with kids.

A very lucrative and appealing discounts with coupons as and when available, means a good presence in the entertainment industry for Cineplex cinema lovers. It is not only advantageous from the marketing point of view, but also promotes movies that are great source of social and family contact and gatherings. In Canada, it is very successful as family gatherings are considered very important and social networking, a crucial norm, promoting a fun culture for the people.
Huge discounts with family and kids, on big days means more investment for family fun, a fun offer for all family members.

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