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Welcome to e-shipper logistics; we are a Canadian-based company providing logistics solutions all over the country through different channels & means of distribution. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to making efficient shipping solutions for businesses and individuals across the globe. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for all your logistics needs. Our comprehensive services include courier delivery, Air Freight, LTL Freight, Smart Post and e-commerce Shipping solutions. We strive to understand your unique requirements and tailor our services to meet your needs, ensuring your cargo is delivered safely and on time.

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When you choose the services of Avis, there are some superior services you should expect. One includes Pick up and drop off, i.e., airport services, client safety and security, and other guaranteed satisfaction levels. The services are worldwide, and all the bookings can be placed and managed online.

The car rental industry faces numerous challenges, including safety concerns for customers and vehicles, mishandling of vehicles, vehicle loss or theft, country-specific risks, extreme weather conditions, pricing strategies, and increasing competition. Avis, a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, has succeeded due to its quality management and efficient service integration. A partnership between RMA/MBBP and Avis has resulted in discounts and pricing strategies for customers. Avis offers a 5%-25% discount on car rental services worldwide, a mobile app for easy access, and reward points for loyal customers.

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