RMA Canada was formed in 1910 in Canada. We are a company that provides benefits to its people in the Retail industry. As, the market leaders in the retail sector, we believe in customer satisfaction.


RMA Canada

The Retail Merchants association of Canada is a company which deals in benefits and rewards on taking services from the Retail industries based in Canada. RMA was established in 1910 and since then has been serving as the key retailers behind the operations that provides benefits on use of services, discounts, incentives and deals on offer. Retail associations are the combined set or group that is together for Retail Policy and Govt. relations activity. They have a common business front, and enjoy shared benefits and goals.

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MBBP For You

Mansoor Brothers Business Partners, a loyalty card program founded to provide diverse discounts, and benefits to businesses and individual services, and products to members and their families. As the Slogan says “Where Benefits Meet Rewards” is a reward system that MBE manages through its stakeholders. RMA is now merged with MBBP, and as a result of this merger the two companies will share their services of providing Discounts and offers with common stakeholders. It includes shared policies, services, and shared discounts as well as shared activity for common goals.

Why Choose Us

The Retail Merchants Association of Canada (RMA), now RMA Canada as a result of its merger with MBBP, has been serving the Independent industry since 1910. The objective of RMA/MBBP is to assist its members to prosper by offering an array of cost saving programs designed to keep them strong and profitable.

Save More And Beat Inflation

RMA/MBBP are committed to give you substantial savings to reduce your operating expenses and to save you several times your annual membership fee. In other words, your membership fee comes at no cost to you.

Get Your Voice Across Multiple Forums

RMA/MBBP give you a voice with governments at all levels.

Lower Your Operating Expenses

RMA/MBBP care and want to keep you in business.

Know The Latest Updates

RMA/MBBP newsletters will give you alerts and updates to keep you informed.

Let People Know Your Brand

RMA/MBBP has a print Magazine where you can advertise at attractive rates to over 100,000 members.

Unlock A World Of Opportunities

RMA/MBBP will give you the opportunity to grow your business, get exposure on our website, advertise, network, promote and sell your products or services to other members, whether you are a member as an Independent, Association or Supplier.