Coupon Redemption Service 

RMA offers to its members a Coupon Redemption Service tailored especially to the needs of the independent retailer and wholesaler. RMA has been processing coupons for over 40 years. Retailers submit coupons to RMA who in turn sorts, tabulates and invoices all coupons by individual retailer to the appropriate clearing house.

RMA reimburses you, the retailer, for the full face value of each coupon . In addition, RMA also reimburses you from the manufacturers handling allowance it receives, less a small fee per coupon based on volume or as negotiated. Your payment is forwarded to you immediately upon receipt from clearing house, generally within four to six weeks.

Our extensive experience leads us to believe that we can minimize your costs and therefore would like the opportunity to handle your coupons.

For Coupon guidelines and how and where to send coupons, please click here

For further details, please contact us at 416 293-2100 Extension 236 or via e-mail at 

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